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Negotiating for Value Creation (NVC) is for dealmakers, executives and entrepreneurs who want to sharpen their negotiation skills and accumulate a wealth of experience in a realistic and time-effective way.

Program benefits

Master the negotiation frameworks and processes required to manage successful value
driven win-win partnerships:

» Sharpen your negotiation skills
» Manage complex and challenging negotiations
» Prepare to deal with different types of negotiation situations
» Drive value creation in your organization
» Gain further real world experience through negotiation simulations


3 days with additional post-program support (2 coaching sessions)


Program Session 2017
September 19-21, 2017
Program Sessions 2018
April 24-26, 2018
September 18-20, 2018

Fee 2017

CHF 6,000

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Our participants

Negotiating for Value Creation is designed for dealmakers, executives and entrepreneurs who face complex and challenging negotiations and wish to further sharpen their negotiation skills and accumulate a wealth of experience in a realistic and time-effective way. Although the program is not restricted to executives in specific functions, it is particularly well suited to: managers handling procurement, sales managers, executives involved in important internal negotiations, human resource managers, investment bankers, consultants, lawyers and entrepreneurs.

IMD's Negotiating for Value Creation gives you an unmatchable opportunity to see yourself the way others see you. Ivetta Gerasimchuk Senior Researcher | International Institute for Sustainable Development | Switzerland
The NVC program is excellent. It challenges you to think outside of the box and to understand the concept of value creation. Muhammad Aamir Salim Operations Manager Offshore Division | Arabian Drilling Company | Saudi Arabia
Becoming a really good listener, facilitating the dialogue and broadening the negotiation agenda are three critical skills I have been able to sharpen and apply in the context of this program. Fernando Páez Fernando Páez | Director Sales German OEMs | Kirchhoff Automotive | Mexico
The program uncovered how different perspectives on a same issue and uncertainty can bring value to both parties without destroying one of them. Actually there is a chance to identify a win-win situation where both parties take a substantial part of the profit that would otherwise not exist. Fotis Rigopoulos

Managing Director, Branch Manager | Versalis International | Greece

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Claim value and broaden your scope of action
In a global business environment defined by constant change, uncertainty and the pressure to achieve short-term results, it may be tempting to approach negotiations with external parties as short-term cost-saving opportunities centered on price.

Price is unquestionably a very important dimension in most business deals and negotiators should master the fundamentals of price negotiations. However, limiting the negotiation process to a battle over price significantly reduces the total value different parties could create in partnership. Suppliers or clients squeezed on margins have no choice but to reduce product innovation. They are not empowered to deliver the best they can and trust and respect will be hard to win. You may well end up being the loser in such situations.

Develop win-win partnerships against the odds
Negotiating for Value Creation (NVC) helps you master value creation techniques through the use of multiple frameworks and specific behavioural simulations. The program also shows you how to leverage differences, complexity, uncertainty and even situations of conflict as a potential source of value creation.

What you will learn:

  • Sharpen your negotiation skills
  • Manage complex and challenging negotiations
  • Prepare to deal with different types of negotiation situations
  • Drive value creation in your organization
  • Gain further real world experience through negotiation simulations
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Program structure

Gain hands-on experience in a risk-free environment
The program develops your negotiation skills through a carefully selected combination of lectures, small group discussions, and real life negotiation simulations with other participants. These real-world exercises are an invaluable opportunity to learn from the diverse wealth of experience of your peers. You will identify your strengths, areas needing development and then you will work with coaches to enhance your negotiation skills.

Link what you learn to your own challenges
You will have the opportunity to apply your new knowledge to a current negotiation challenge you are facing in your own professional context. You will be asked to reflect and prepare a short analysis of your personal experience, which you will use as a context for your learning and as an opportunity to get feedback from your peers and faculty.

Get up to speed with the latest research in negotiation analysis 
You will also be exposed to sophisticated analytical and conceptual insights, drawing on the latest advances in the field of negotiation analysis.

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Personal coaching after the program

To ensure the long-term impact of what you learn, personalized one-on-one coaching is offered four to six weeks after the program.

Before the program starts, you will be asked to take a survey so we can gain an understanding of the typical negotiation issues you face and what you believe your weaknesses or areas of development are.

Our Faculty

Our Faculty members are recognized world authorities in their fields. Dividing their time  between teaching, research and working with international companies, they remain on top of the latest management trends. You can expect timely, innovative learning activities, materials and content in all IMD programs.

Program Co-Directors

Luis Almeida Costa


Negotiation and Strategy


Robert Hooijberg


Organizational Behavior

PhD University of Michigan

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In this section, you will find important information on the program fee, application, invoicing, cancellation and transfer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our program advisors.


The program fee (which can be found on the overview page) includes tuition, teaching materials, and lunch on weekdays. Travel or living expenses are not covered. You must settle your own hotel bills, both when in Lausanne and on off-campus assignments, as well as all dinners and lunches on weekends when applicable. IMD reserves the right to modify the program fee at any time.

Tentative reservation

To make a non-binding reservation, send us a completed tentative reservation form. This carries no obligation and is not a substitute for the formal application form.

Application & invoicing

Your application is forwarded to the Program Director who will evaluate it to ensure that the program corresponds to your objectives and profile. This can take approximately 1 week.

The Information & Registration office will notify you of the outcome of your application. If you are accepted, they will send your acceptance letter and invoice fee together by priority mail. From this point, your enrollment will be considered firm by both you and IMD.

Please pay the program fee within 30 days of the invoice date and no later than the commencement of the program. If you register within 1 month of the start of the program, you must settle the invoice immediately without exception. Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card.

Up to six weeks before the program start date, a program coordinator will contact you with information on hotels and pre-program preparation. Please note that IMD reserves enough rooms for each participant on the program.

If accepted, you understand that you must be completely free of professional duties while attending this program and that you must attend all scheduled sessions and activities.

Cancellation & transfer policy

IMD must be notified in writing of all cancellations and transfers. If you are admitted to a program, but find that you are unable to attend, you have the following cancellation and transfer options:

Up to six weeks before program start:

  • Cancellation: You receive a full refund of the program fee.
  • Transfer: You may transfer to the next available session with no transfer fee.

Note: IMD programs tend to be fully booked well in advance. Space may not be available in a later session.

From six weeks to up to 11 days before program start:

  • Cancellation: You incur a 50% cancellation fee.
  • Transfer: You incur a 20% transfer fee.

Within 10 days before program start:

  • Cancellation: You incur a 100% cancellation fee.
  • Transfer: You incur a 100% transfer fee.


A participant can be substituted on the same program session without incurring any fees. The substitute needs to apply and be admitted.

Note: Once you have paid the program tuition fee, if you do not attend another program within 24 months, the program fee will be forfeited.

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Negotiating for Value Creation

Leveraging complexity to build win-win partnerships

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