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Beyond the six days on campus, High Performance Leadership involves intensive pre-program assignments.

You will:

  • Write your high performance leadership stories
  • Analyze your stories to identify critical patterns for success
  • Prepare your personal leadership lifeline

After the program, you can discuss follow-up coaching options with the program coach of your choice, and arrange up to three one-on-one coaching sessions via phone or the new IMD e-coaching tool (fees apply).

Lifelong learning at IMD

IMD also offers on-going education opportunities to all alumni to keep your skills and knowledge cutting edge. As an alumnus/a, you can attend business forums and other regular events across the world and access the latest developments in business research and thinking through our interactive Wednesday Webcast series.

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High Performance Leadership

Listen, influence, impact

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Advanced High Performance Leadership

A unique retreat for HPL alumni

Provides HPL alumni with the opportunity to reflect, refocus, recharge - and move to the next level of their leadership effectiveness

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IMD in the rankings

IMD's programs are ranked highly by the world's most influential business publications.

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High Performance Leadership