In today’s fast-changing markets, leaders must accelerate current growth while proactively exploring and shaping options for the future.

To address this challenge, we have developed a holistic approach that builds on our thought leadership and experience working with leading businesses globally: IMD Pathfinder®. To deliver today and map out a path for the future, IMD partners with top leaders in an exploratory journey to:


Impact 1

Identify and unlock barriers to sustained superior performance

Impact 2

Identify and develop compelling opportunities to leapfrog growth and transformation

Impact 3

Create organizational alignment and ownership of the path forward

Impact 4

Develop the organization's confidence and ability to create its future

Our approach empowers organizations to remove barriers and identify opportunities to accelerate growth

IMD Pathfinder® enables and empowers senior teams and their organizations to identify and explore core issues such as:

Unlock opportunities to accelerate growth and transform your business

Put purpose at the core of your strategy to drive future success

Sustainability as a key lever of transformation, future growth and impact

Our starting point in any journey is a comprehensive, deep and objective diagnostics to develop an evidence-based understanding of the state of the business today, as well as its readiness for the future. 

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