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IMD online programs: Participant on how he implemented his learnings

Jose Martos on the Digital Disruption program
November 2018

In addition to its degree granting, open enrollment programs, and custom programs, IMD also has a growing suite of highly personalized online courses that cover topics ranging from leadership and finance to innovation and strategy. IMD recently caught up with Jose Martos, Managing Director Saint-Gobain Construction Products Indonesia, who just completed the Digital Disruption program to discuss his experience.

IMD: What were your general impressions of the program?

Jose Martos: It was a very pragmatic, “to the point” program. The information is well structured and supported with relevant business cases. The fact that you have to apply the course to your own company is extremely useful. This is of great value because at the end you come up with a clear roadmap to apply once you’re back at your work.

I think the role of the coach is key to the success of the learning experience. The fact that you can exchange information, receive feedback, and be challenged in your assumptions by a professional coach is a great opportunity to learn and grow through the program.

IMD: Please share your thoughts on the flexibility of the program and the ease of access to course materials

Jose Martos: For me in particular, this is one of the great values of the program. I live in Indonesia and manage a company, so flexibility during my studies was a high priority. I need to be able to fit my learning into a very busy agenda. The platform the program is delivered on provides an easy way to access the learning materials.

IMD: Have you been able to implement what you learned?

Jose Martos: Absolutely! In the program you have to apply the learning to your own company. You also come up with a concrete digital roadmap to implement afterwards.

After having finished the program, I presented my work to my boss and my executive team. Together we improved the digital road map and we have since then been working on the implementation of the planned initiatives.

IMD: Would you recommend this program to colleagues and/or peers?

Jose Martos: Yes, absolutely. The program provides you with a holistic “tool box” to use to face challenges in the current digital business environment. You learn how to use these frameworks in a flexible and pragmatic way through concrete examples. In addition to that, you have to apply and implement your learnings to your own company.

IMD: Lastly, has this program had an effect on your career/professional development?

Jose Martos: Certainly. After having completed the program, I have a far better understanding of the digital context in which my business is operating. We are currently implementing different initiatives that are delivering real and tangible business results.


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