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Change the login email for your MyIMD account​


Change the login email for your MyIMD account​


1. When logged in your  MyIMD  account,  ​

Click on your profile icon​

and then on My IMD


If you don’t remember your password and don’t have access to the email address recorded as login email, you can receive a temporary password by providing proof of your identity (a scan of your ID card, passport or driving licence) via email to the IT Helpdesk. 

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Click on your profile icon, then click on​

Account settings.

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Click on Change my login email.

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Enter the e-mail address you want as a new login and click Send verification code.

Check your inbox for the email we sent you.​

*You may need to check your spam folder 

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In the e-mail you received, copy the code and go back to our website.​

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Enter the verification code and click Verify code

Once your e-mail address has been verified, click on Continue

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Your login e-mail has been changed successfully!​

You will be automatically logged out. Enter your new e-mail address to login again.​

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