Öykü Işik

Öykü Işik

As a Professor of Digital Strategy & Cybersecurity, Öykü strengthens IMD's position in the digital thought leadership and education space.

Since joining IMD in spring 2020, Öykü has fostered strong connections with students and participants. She believes that developing a deep understanding of their most pressing concerns is the first step to helping them build digitally resilient organizations.

"IMD has international reach and is the perfect playground to test ideas that can then be transformed into actionable teachings," she says.

Digital resilience is one particular focus for Öykü. She is passionate about studying the way disruptive technologies challenge our society and organizations, and how this tension can be fostered for responsible innovation.

With consumer privacy concerns on the rise, organizations are under pressure to increase digital trust more than ever. Öykü believes that gaining this trust is a matter of time and effort.

"On the one hand, cyber extortion is a booming, profitable business threatening organizations. On the other hand, new regulations such as GDPR are limiting possibilities to process consumer data," she explains.

"That is why digital resilience is very important. It is like a muscle we have neglected - it will get stronger as it is used, but it is certainly sore in the beginning."

Two of Öykü's areas of expertise - cyber-security and digital ethics - are already challenging areas for executives and organizations. Her rich experience in conducting research for international corporate partners centers on data privacy in relation to consumer behavior.

Working with companies such as Mastercard, Ageas, KBC and BNP Paribas Fortis, Öykü has helped organizations to understand customer expectations better and strategically shape their privacy and data processing-related communications.

A computer scientist by training, Öykü has a strong pedagogical background. She previously held positions as Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management at Vlerick Business School in Belgium, and at the University of North Texas and Istanbul Bilgi University, where she taught information systems courses.

Öykü's research has focused heavily on digital resilience; a combination of the areas of data privacy, cybersecurity and digital ethics. Her published work encompasses the topics of business intelligence and analytics, technology management and business process management.

She received a BSc in Computer Science, as well as an MBA, from Istanbul Bilgi University. Subsequently, Öykü received a PhD from the University of North Texas, completing her work in business computer information systems.

An Istanbul native, Öykü lived in the city until relocating to Texas in 2005, and later to Belgium. She speaks Turkish as well as fluent English and has a basic level of Dutch.

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