Ian Charles Stewart 

Chairman, WheelsPlusWings Foundation
Board Director of ESH Médias
Co-Founder of WiReD Magazine

Experience & Background: Ian Charles has had a diverse and successful career in the media sector, philanthropy and the arts. He is an MBA graduate (1988) from IMD and an active member.

Ian Charles Stewart is Chairman of the WheelsPlusWings Foundation, a social enterprise that helps create new opportunities for disabled children around the world and raise societal expectations of what is possible for their lives. He is a main Board Director of ESH Médias, a Swiss regional media group and an investor in health and med-tech related startups.

Stewart was Co-Founder of WiReD Magazine, the hugely successful technology lifestyle publication, Founder of Aztec Internet (which specified, staffed, built and launched FT.com – for the Financial Times newspaper of London – and BBC News Online) and co-Founder of ArtWorldSalon.

After the sale of WiReD Magazine and Aztec Internet, Stewart became Chairman of a private equity company in the NM Rothschild Group in the UK. He is also a Founding Fellow of the 21st Century Trust, and for 15 years was a Trustee of the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

Stewart started his career studying Mathematics and Computer Science, and became the photographer and author of award winning books on Indonesia and Singapore. He was a member of the New Zealand Olympic Volleyball squad.

Expertise & Interests: Social entrepreneurship, media industry, publishing, technology, the arts