Your learning journey

Learn new approaches to digital execution.

Your learning journey

Learn new approaches to digital execution.

Traditional approaches to execution and change management are not effective in environments characterized by significant disruption. In Digital Execution, you will learn about new approaches that focus on organizational agility and the orchestration of connected resources to achieve performance benefits such as higher revenue, lower costs, improved customer satisfaction and workforce engagement.

You will work with practical tools like agile work methodologies, mixed with case studies of success and failure across a variety of B2B and B2C industries, plus robust frameworks to shape and guide the transformation.

You will leave the program with a detailed roadmap of initiatives to implement, methodologies to use and technologies to apply, so that you are ready to bring your company’s digital strategy to life.

While Digital Execution can be taken as a stand-alone program, it has been designed to complement IMD’s Leading Digital Business Transformation and Digital Strategy & Analytics programs. Digital Execution can be taken by individuals or teams.

Build execution capabilities.
Drive organizational agility.
Translate digital tools into business value.
Separate buzzwords from reality.
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