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The BackPack-Excellence Scholarship for Women

Application deadline: 1 July 2023.

The BackPack-Excellence Scholarship for Women

Application deadline: 1 July 2023.

Supporting women leaders of the future

Through the BackPack-Excellence Scholarship for Women, the Swiss foundation intends to help women to obtain the leadership skills they need to advance in their careers.

The scholarship provides a transformational experience to talented and driven women who may have believed that an MBA program was out of reach due to limitations and disruptions in their professional paths. These could include family obligations, forced migration and financial constraints.

Candidates should apply for the BackPack-Excellence Women Scholarship in parallel to their IMD MBA application.

Scholarship application details

Deadline to apply: 1 July 2023.

Scholarship amount: Maximum amount to cover the full tuition fees and living expenses of the IMD MBA program. Partial scholarships may also be given. 

Criteria: Priority will be given to female candidates who have experienced the hardship of limitations or disruptions in their paths.  For example, being forced to leave their homeland or home region due to conflict, natural disaster, persecution or because of limited opportunities for their advancement. 

Provide a 500-word essay on the title: Tell us, how, an MBA at IMD will be truly transformative for you and indirectly for other women in your communities, and what are your main learning objectives.

Recipient confirmed by 1st September.

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BackPack Foundation Board Statement

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“The successful applicant should be committed to pursuing a meaningful career in leadership, and upon graduation will be expected to draw upon her skills to catalyze positive change,” said the Board’s statement.

“Beyond contributing to the fulfilment of one purposeful leadership career at a time, Backpack’s aspires to attract women who can become pivotal leaders in their field, acting as role models for others to advance in business or in public life.”


Please contact [email protected] to find out more information about the scholarship. 

The IMD MBA BackPack-Excellence for Women will be managed and administered by the IMD Scholarship Foundation, established in accordance with Articles 80 of the Swiss Civil Code, with a registered office in Lausanne. The scholarship will be paid directly to IMD to cover the fees.