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Media pack

Useful material for the media and list of all partners of the IMD World Competiveness Center

Media pack

Useful material for the media and list of all partners of the IMD World Competiveness Center

Partner institutes

Our network of partner institutes supplies data from national sources, helps distribute survey questionnaires to business executives in their countries and informs local media about the IMD World Competitiveness, Digital and Talent Rankings results.

Africa/Middle East

Osama AlAlawi, Assistant Undersecretary of Competitiveness & Economic Indicators





  • National Competitiveness Center, Saudi Arabia
    H.E. Dr Eiman AlMutairi, CEO of National Competitiveness Center
    Waleed AlRudaian, Vice President
    Salman M. AlTukhaifi, Director of Analytical Department
    Abdulrahman AlGhamdi, Senior Analyst







  • National Planning Department, Colombia
    Alejandra Botero Barco, General Director, Department of National Planning (DNP)
    Camilo Rivera Pérez, Technical Director, Innovation and Private Sector Development – DNP



  • Centrum PUCP, Peru
    Percy Marquina, General Director
    Beatrice Avolio, Head of the Graduate Business Department
    Luis Del Carpio, Director of CENTRUM Competitiveness Center
    Victor Fajardo, Researcher of CENTRUM Competitiveness Center




  • China Institute for Development Planning, Tsingua University, China
    Prof. Wang Youqiang, Associate Director of China Institute for Development Planning, Tsinghua University
    Dr. Gong Pu, Research Assistant Professor, China Institute for Development Planning, Tsinghua University
    Ms. Huang Suyuan, Research Assistant, China Institute for Development Planning, Tsinghua University
    Dr. Wang Hongshuai, Postdoctoral fellow, Tsinghua University
    Ms. Zhang Ruijun, PhD Candidate, Tsinghua University
    Mr. Wang Jiancheng, PhD Candidate, Tsinghua University
    Ms. Huang Xiaoyun, Graduate Student, Tsinghua University
    Mr. Ren Wanzhou, Graduate Student, Tsinghua University
    Ms. Zhu Siyao, Graduate Student, Tsinghua University





  • NuPMK Consulting, Indonesia
    Tini Moeis, Managing Director
    Devi RD Hamdani, Senior Business Manager





  • Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), Malaysia
    Dato’ Abdul Latif Hj. Abu Seman, Director General MPC
    En. Zahid Ismail, Deputy Director General MPC
    Dr. Mazrina Mohamed Ibramsah, Deputy Director General MPC
    Pn. Wan Fazlin Nadia Wan Osman, Director MPC


  • Economic Policy and Competitiveness Research Center, Mongolia
    Tsagaan Puntsag, Founder and Chairman of Board
    Lakshmi Boojoo, Director General
    Odonchimeg Ikhbayar, Deputy Director
    Gandi Munkhjargal, Research Economist
    Tungalag Erdenebat, Research Economist
    Mungunjiguur Battsolmon, Research Economist
    Oyun-Erdene Batdorj, Research Economist
    Yesunchuluu Khuderchuluu, Research Economist






  • Thailand Management Association (TMA), Thailand
    Ms. Wanweera Rachdawong, Chief Executive Officer, TMA
    Ms. Pornkanok Wipusanawan, Director, TMA Center for Competitiveness
    Mr. Nussati Khaneekul, Senior Manager, TMA Center for Competitiveness



  • Center for the Study of Democracy, Bulgaria
    Ruslan Stefanov, Program Director and Chief Economist
    Daniela Mineva, Senior Analyst, Economic Program
    Martin Vladimirov,Director, Energy and Climate Program
    Dr. Todor Galev, Director of Research
    Petar Terziev, Analyst, Economic Program


  • Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria
    Lyubomir Levicharov, Chief Economic Analyst, Economic Analysis and Policy Department
    Blagovesta Dzhаbirova, Economic Analyst, Economic Analysis and Policy Department






  • Consumer Forum (Spotřebitelské fórum), Czech Republic
    Dr. Kryštof Kruliš, Chairman of the Board of Directors





  • ETLA Economic Research, Finland
    Ville Kaitila, Researcher
    Markku Lehmus, Head of Forecasting
    Aki Kangasharju, Managing Director


  • Business France, France
    Manuel Marcias, Chief Economist
    Louise Cassagnes, Economist





  • ICEG European Center, Hungary
    Renata Anna Jaksa, Director
    Dr. Oliver Kovacs, Senior Research Fellow







  • Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg
    Ms. Christel Chatelain, Director Economic Affairs
    Mr. Jean-Baptiste Nivet, Senior Economist
    Ms. Sidonie Paris, Economist




  • Porto Business School, University of Porto, Portugal
    Prof. Daniel Bessa
    Prof. Álvaro Almeida
    Prof. José Luís Alvim
    Prof. João Loureiro
    Prof. Filipe Grilo
    Prof. Ramon O’Callaghan
    Prof. Patrícia Teixeira Lopes