World's first Practitioner's Guide for Sustainable Sourcing of Agricultural Raw Materials

Seven global organizations, including IMD, have launched the world's first practitioner's guide to sustainable sourcing of agricultural raw materials. The guide is an open source innovation tool that captures, in a single document, real-life best practice and experiences from global corporations within a strategic, business logic-focused framework. It empowers managers by providing a user-friendly step-by step roadmap to building and rolling out sustainable agriculture sourcing strategies effectively.

Executive Summary

The Guide is the result of a cooperative effort by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform, the CSL Learning Platform of IMD's Global Center for Sustainability Leadership (CSL), the International Trade Center, and the Sustainable Trade Initiative. Furthermore, Business for Social Responsibility, the Sedex Information Exchange and the Sustainable Food Laboratory also contributed to the development of the guide and are supporting its outreach. It is intended to help practitioners in companies that are seeking to source their agricultural raw materials sustainably, by asking and answering crucial questions in the following eight chapters:

  1. How to Use this Guide
  2. Sustainable Sourcing as Leadership and Value Creation
  3. Implementing Sustainable Sourcing - Decisions to be Made
  4. Setting Priorities for your Company's inputs from Agriculture
  5. Choosing Appropriate Sustainability Requirements
  6. Implementing Sustainability Standards in your Company's Supply Chain
  7. Adapting your Company's Business Culture, Processes and Structures

Throughout the guide, real-life examples are given from a variety of companies in the food and beverage sector. These are meant to inspire managers in other companies. They are not meant to simply be replicated as, throughout the document, we stress that solutions found in one company will not necessarily work in another. This is the reason why this guide is built around questions rather than final answers.

Read more about the authors of the guide, Dr. Aileen Ionescu-Somer & Dr. Reinier de Man.

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