June 21-26, 2015

Orchestrating Winning Performance - Lausanne

Orchestrating Winning Performance is a unique global business program. It provides individuals and teams with the latest management thinking in a customizable format as well as networking with a large pool of international executives.

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Discover the latest thinking on business and management and stay up to speed on the newest global trends

Improve your team's performance with dedicated team sessions

Expand your global network and build lasting international connections

Customize your learning with your own personal program schedule

November 16-20, 2015

Orchestrating Winning Performance - Singapore

Orchestrating Winning Performance in Singapore follows the same OWP winning format but focuses more specifically on the needs and challenges of executives and companies operating or planning to operate in Asia.

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Find practical and innovative solutions for your business with the latest management thinking

Anticipate global business trends and respond quickly to fresh opportunities

Decide what you want to learn - either as an individual or a team

Become a complete executive and renew your confidence to lead purposefully