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How can a global org provide advanced education to its personnel worldwide?

JTI develops its globally spread personnel with IMD’s Global Leadership in the Cloud
November 2016

JTI (Japan Tobacco International) was looking to answer the question: How can we provide learning and development resources to our global population in an impactful way?

Tatiana Mateeva is Leadership Development Director at JTI and was recently named ‘Leadership Development Professional of the Year’ by Worldwide Branding. Tatiana says that IMD’s Global Leadership in the Cloud online suite of learning programs helps provide JTI’s diverse workforce, many of whom are in widespread and hard to reach locations, with high-quality and cost-effective learning solutions that executives can follow at their own pace.

Participants in IMD’s Global Leadership in the Cloud series engage in a highly-personalized and interactive experience, with individual coaching, learning partners, feedback and recommendations provided throughout the programs.

The Global Leadership in the Cloud series currently comprises nine programs and is set to grow. Topics include finance, marketing, leadership, innovation, strategy, partnerships, pricing, digital disruption and more.

The programs are ideal for executives with 6 to 10 years of experience and allow them the flexibility to incorporate executive learning into a busy work schedule. GLCs are offered over 8-week periods twice a year.

Tatiana says the online-based programs are one of the key tools that ease providing learning to a global workforce.

According to Tatiana: “The Global Leadership in the Cloud programs are really taken to the next level in terms of quality, structure, and support available around the learning experience. They are an entirely different and more personalized type of learning than a MOOC (a Massive Online Open Course) is. You’re given a great deal of personalized support with these programs, which helps guarantee success.”

JTI is active in many locations or production sites that are hard to reach and where resources are scarce. For some employees, travelling to Switzerland to follow a face-to-face program at IMD can be an important constraint both financially and geographically, Tatiana says, praising the cost efficiency of such high-quality programs.

But there is more: “People appreciate the convenience of the Global Leadership in the Cloud programs, the fact that they can be followed ‘at their own pace’ and that they’re really learning something all the time,” says Tatiana. “Instead of travelling once a year for training, they can learn every week,” she adds.

From her professional perspective, Tatiana believes that online learning platforms are becoming a regular part of the learning process in companies, rather than face-to-face being the norm. She also stresses that from her experience, IMD is leading in this area.

Last but not least, another thing Tatiana appreciates about IMD’s Global Leadership in the Cloud is that it is engaging. “The rate of retention of IMD’s online programs (around 97%) is about as high as the drop-out rate for MOOCs and other types of online learning programs are.”

Find out more about IMD’s Global Leadership in the Cloud.

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