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IMD gives top leadership program a flexible format to reach young managers

How Building on Talent (BOT) is developing the next generation of leaders
November 2016

Looking for an effective leadership program that not only addresses the latest business essentials, but also brings knowledge back to the office (literally) and fits well into busy schedules? Look no further. Top-ranked IMD business school is reshaping its Building on Talent (BOT) program in a dynamic new format starting in 2017. By giving the program an impactful 3-part format, it has been redesigned to address the complexities, uncertainties, and time constraints that are faced when navigating tomorrow’s business world. And we say tomorrow because Building on Talent (BOT) is reaching into the future of business, providing young professionals with the tools needed to advance and take on greater responsibilities in their careers.

So what’s new? For starters, BOT now kicks off by going online, giving 6 weeks of coached, distance learning in coordination with one’s responsibilities at the office. It then brings participants to IMD for 2 weeks of face-to-face experimental learning. Then, in order to really ensure the program makes an impact, it goes back to work with participants for 6 weeks. The last element, which includes extensive coaching, will follow through on program learnings and adds to the adaptability of this program to help in unpredictable business circumstances.

“We can’t forget that young managers are the drivers of long-term performance,” said BOT program Director Salvatore Cantale. “By investing in people through BOT, companies literally bring program knowledge and new motivation and skills into the office.”

With a focus on global leadership, the BOT program gives exposure to an array of business fundamentals. Through exploring strategy, leadership, digital, innovation and other key topics – it helps prepare for the complexities of modern business environments.

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