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IMD launches new 3-week Advanced Management Program

Senior leaders gain a concrete set of implementation roadmaps for large-scale transformation projects that yield sustainable growth
October 2017

IMD business school has announced the launch of its new Advanced Management Program (AMP).

AMP is for senior leaders responsible for making their business more successful. The program equips leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to become better at developing and executing strategies.

Shifts in technology, geopolitics, and consumer behavior present unique challenges for senior corporate leaders, who must deliver profitability today and propel their organization on a new growth trajectory tomorrow.

The AMP empowers leaders to go beyond conventional solutions to challenges. They become more attuned to what is happening in the world, and acquire the ability to seize upon fleeting opportunities. They leave IMD with a concrete set of implementation roadmaps for large-scale transformation projects that will yield tangible results.

Howard Yu, Program Director and Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation at IMD, said: “Today’s complex world requires you to constantly re-imagine new alternatives for your business. You will emerge from IMD’s Advanced Management Program with the leadership mind-set and strategic vision to do just that.”

The transformative three-week experience includes:

  • Rethinking their company’s strategic possibilities in changing times
  • Lab-testing the new strategy
  • Reframing their organizational roadmap to seize new opportunities
  • Boosting their leadership skills to lead large-scale organizational transformations
  • Acquiring a cutting-edge peer network of business leaders across industries and countries

The program is highly personalized and participants are supported as they implement the plans in their organizations.

The AMP is three weeks in length, yet it is highly immersive and in-depth. In Week 1 participants explore the full range of strategic possibilities available to their organizations with peers who are visionaries and industry leaders.

In Week 2 participants go from idea to reality. They stress-test their innovation in a Strategy Lab, anticipating future challenges and repositioning accordingly. Through training in small groups with professional actors, participants also master new ways to communicate vision with passion and confidence. They end the week with tangible prototypes to take back to their business.

Week 3 focuses on getting teams and stakeholders to embrace participants’ novel ideas. Participants build upon their initial ideas and develop a concrete set of plans, commitments and implementation roadmaps.

The AMP is directed by Howard Yu, Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation at IMD and a nominee this year for Thinkers 50, the world’s most prestigious ranking of management thinkers. He specializes in technological innovation, strategic transformation and change management.

IMD has a history of delivering high-impact results. More than 80% of alumni say they have become a more effective leader, and have successful applied their learnings to their career. IMD is also ranked first by the Financial Times executive education rankings 2017 for participants’ aims achieved.