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IMD MBA to benefit from career advisory 5 or 25 years after graduation

IMD MBA alumni and IMD Alumni Office launch new career services
October 2019

In today’s world, the world of work and careers evolve faster than ever.

That’s why the IMD MBA community, together with the IMD Alumni office, teamed up to create a new career services offering.

Thanks to a hard working core team of MBA Alumni led by Tobias Tafel (MBA IMEDE 1983) and Karim El-Koury (MBA 2009) and Katrin Siebenbürger Hacki (MBA 2002), MBAs can now look to IMD for support in their career transitions, even after they have left campus.

Drawing on expertise from MBAs working in executive search and professional services, the community will have access to job platforms, company data, employment trends, career webinars, and more.

The first webinar takes place on 14 November and focuses on “Your Mid-Career Check-up”.

The Alumni team at IMD and a core group of MBA alumni spanning 30 years were behind the initiative ensuring that diverse views and needs were taken into consideration.

“It’s terrific to see the strong engagement between IMD and its alumni delivering ‘real impact’. Careers are changing profoundly, so this holistic and personalized range of services is extremely timely. Investing in the success of the alumni community will without doubt reap rewards for the school making it a clear win-win situation,” said Karim El-Koury.

As a pilot in Europe, a team of MBAs with expertise in the world of work has volunteered to coach and advise MBAs undergoing a career change.

The Alumni Office is on the lookout for volunteers in other regions.

“Over the last three years, working closely with Class Representatives, it became clear that the best way IMD and the community could further support MBAs – whether they finished their degree 5 or 25 years ago – was through career services,” said Dorthe Busk of the IMD Alumni Office.

The new services are divided into three areas:

  • Explore: The stage where you are considering your next career move
  • Perform: Landing the new role, The First 90 days, building your team
  • Transition: How to navigate change brought on either by external factors or by yourself

MBA Alumni Tobias Tafel, Karim El-Koury, Katrin Siebenbürger Hacki, Joan Beets, Steen Ernland and Bryan Guido Hassin put in a lot of much needed time and energy in getting the project going, according to Dorthe Busk.

“I encourage all MBA Alumni in a career transition situation to challenge the new career service offering of IMD. Your career transition success is our consulting success,” said Tobias Tafel.

Throughout his successful career Tobias has accumulated expertise in advising and consulting senior leaders in their professional reorientation. An active member of the MBA alumni community, he played a key role in defining and launching the IMD MBA Career services and piloted career transition consulting with MBAs ahead the launch.

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