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Tim Nai: leveraging technology and corporate strategy

“IMD truly stands for its brand values: the skills to know, the confidence to act, and the humility to lead.”
June 2017

Following a MSc & BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Cum Laude  - IMD Business Schoolfrom Delft University of Technology, Tim joined Accenture in 2011, where he has been a Management Consulting Manager since 2015. He now aims for a corporate strategy role in a company that leads in technology, and then hopes to turn a start-up into a multinational company.

Why did you choose to come to IMD?

I choose IMD for 3 simple reasons. First, the school truly stands for its brand values: the skills to know, the confidence to act, and the humility to lead. Second, I aspired for a school whose audience is more experienced. Lastly, I wanted an intimate MBA experience. IMD has an ideal class size of 90 students.

What was your favorite MBA Course and what was the biggest insight you gained about business from it?

Surprisingly, I gained my biggest insight in Accounting. One usually regards accounting as a course in which you merely categorize numbers, but at IMD the accounting course puts us in the executive seat. The integrated way of learning exposed me to using accounting to support board level decision-making in a holistic and goal-oriented manner.

What did you enjoy most about business school in general?

IMD turns everyday into a pleasant surprise. I still recall how we started the year with a big bang on the first day – the idea of putting 44 nationalities under one roof is simply mind-blowing. As the course progressed, IMD surprised me with the high level of integration of all the courses. The program is so well structured and planned that it enchants me to fully immerse in the program.

What was the most surprising thing about IMD for you?

One thing I didn’t realize before is how tailored the program is. IMD puts students at the absolute first place. IMD tailors the program based on past learning, as well as the needs of the current class. Remarkably, the MBA program leverages on its world-leading executive programs and industry collaborations, which enables a network that is to the benefit of all students. It is also worth mentioning that IMD thinks of your family as well. It has a customized partner program, support, and many other activities to make sure that your family enjoys the year with you.

What is your best piece advice to an applicant hoping to get into IMD?

IMD does not offer a standard MBA program that you can easily compare with other programs elsewhere. Therefore, the best piece of advice is to get in touch with current MBA students, alumni, or the MBA office. The key to joining IMD is introspection to understand why and what IMD can offer to help you grow.

Where will you be working after graduation?

I’m aiming at corporate strategy roles for companies that lead in technology.

What is your ultimate long-term professional goal?

My long-term goal is to turn a start-up into a multinational company.

Describe yourself in 15 words or less:

I’m a multicultural mix of east and west with a passion for traveling and technology.

A fun fact about yourself:

I once designed a medical instrument.


I jog and travel a lot. Recently, I’ve picked up a new hobby, archery.

In one sentence, how would you like your peers to remember you:

As a person who inspires.