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“IMD is transformational,” says CEO and MBA alum

IMD caught up with alumni at the recent All MBA Reunion to discuss the impact of their MBA
December 2017
 - IMD Business School

BJARNI ÁRMANNSSON– MBA Class of 1996 – CEO, Imagine Capital 

IMD: Why do you keep coming back to IMD?

BJARNI ÁRMANNSSON: Well, basically there is a great talent pool that you meet here. It’s a great opportunity for networking. And you always learn when you are at IMD – and these are real challenges, real problems – and you go back with a little bit more knowledge, a little bit more or better equipped to address your own daily routines, issues and problems.

IMD: Do you remember that moment when you decided to make a break and come to IMD? Do you remember what it was?

BJARNI ÁRMANNSSON: I do! I was in banking and I found that I needed to, well, basically reflect upon myself, to add to my toolbox and basically to take a little bit of a step back and think about myself and the future. And I felt IMD was a great platform – a whole year for learning and for reflecting on myself.

IMD: Did you find what you were looking for?

BJARNI ÁRMANNSSON: Being here was a great experience and it definitely contributed to my personal development.

IMD: What makes IMD stand out?

BJARNI ÁRMANNSSON: I come from Iceland and I needed a global perspective. And I think that’s what IMD has and is unique, although others claim to have it. And it has this relatively small program so you get this close proximity with people and you really get to know people, and you make lifelong relationships.

IMD: Did it alter the trajectory of your career?

BJARNI ÁRMANNSSON: In my mind it made me a better person and better equipped to do what I do and to develop businesses, be in a relationship, make relationships with people and understanding the larger context.

IMD: How would you describe IMD in a nutshell?

BJARNI ÁRMANNSSON: IMD is transformational.

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