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IMD MBAs win Private Equity Case Competition 2nd year in a row

Showcasing the best of IMD
November 2016

A team of five members of IMD’s current class of MBAs just won the 7th annual Private Equity Case Competition hosted by the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM).

The competition was broken down into three stages. Prior to the event, the 15 participating teams had to create a financial model and present an executive summary. At the event the teams presented their work to a panel of experts from the private equity industry. From there the IMD team was selected to go on to the final round where it had to modify its presentation based on new circumstances presented by the jury to test the teams.

Competitors included other top institutions such as Columbia, INSEAD, London Business School, and many others from around the world. The event was sponsored by ABN AMRO, Bayer, CAIA, NVP, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Valery Capital.

The winners from IMD were presented with a prize of EUR 5000 and a trophy.

“I heartily congratulate the IMD winning team. They were able to showcase the best of IMD and ultimately, address a real and difficult problem in a very competent way. I believe they won because they were able to incorporate all of the different skills they learned during the year: finance, strategy, marketing and people skills. There are lots of functional experts in the world. But there are fewer with such well-rounded knowledge across several domains. This award is a great accomplishment and really shows how much the team members have learned during the MBA program,” said IMD Finance Professor Nuno Fernandes.

IMD’s MBA program provides the skills to know, the confidence to act and the humility to lead.

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