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IMD co-curates World Economic Forum Transformation Maps

Professor Peter Vogel works with the Forum to share knowledge on family businesses
December 2017

Peter Vogel, IMD professor of family business and entrepreneurship, is closely collaborating with the World Economic Forum around their newly released Transformation Maps. He co-curates the recently published transformation map on Switzerland as well as the map focusing on family businesses, which is soon to be released.

According to Professor Vogel: “The WEF transformation maps are an interesting new and dynamic approach to visualizing global issues, industries and economies and shows how they inter-connect. Alongside the president of the University of St.Gallen, Thomas Bieger, I am the co-curator for the Transformation Map about Switzerland, which was released on Swiss Digital Day. IMD is proud to partner with the World Economic Forum on this important project.”

The World Economic Forum’s Transformation Maps, a constantly refreshed repository of knowledge about global issues, from climate change to the future of work, have now been made publicly available. They help users to explore and make sense of the complex and interlinked forces that are transforming economies, industries and global issues. The maps present insights written by experts along with machine-curated content. Together, this allows users to visualise and understand more than 120 topics and the connections and inter-dependencies between them, helping in turn to support more informed decision-making by leaders.