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Gender equal pay assessment shows no significant gap at IMD

January 2022

A Gender Equal Pay Assessment conducted at IMD shows no significant gap, showing salary differentiations are not impacted by gender.

This analysis is part of our IMD Equity, Inclusion and Diversity strategy. All employers in Switzerland with more than 100 employees are obliged to conduct an equal pay analysis. The assessment is the outcome of an independent analysis of gender equal pay at IMD, carried out by leading auditing firm, BDO Switzerland.

Using Logib (the Swiss federal government’s standard analysis tool to assess gender equal pay), the auditors could conduct a thorough statistical analysis of IMD’s salaries.

The analysis shows only a 3.3% gender pay gap, placing IMD in the “green” category of organizations considered to have no salary differentiation on the basis of gender.

“A result in the green category means the analysis found no indication that women and men are not being paid the same on average for work of equal value,” says Laurent Tranchida, Chief People Officer at IMD.

The gender pay gap in both public and private sectors in Switzerland is above 10% on average. The analysis of IMD’s salaries places it within the tranche of below 5% inequality.

“Our results demonstrate the commitment of our institution towards ensuring gender equality,” says Josefine van Zanten, Senior Advisor for Equity, Inclusion & Diversity at IMD. “As IMD strives to be the trusted learning partner for ambitious individuals and organizations worldwide, we hope the outcome of this assessment demonstrates how we lead by example.”