Immerse yourself in the possibilities of IoT technology

This online course brings you all the latest knowledge about the Internet of Things. It will give you the hands-on experience to develop IoT strategies that solve customer problems, as well as teach you the link between Artificial Intelligence and IoT. You will earn by doing and will finish with a self-created pretotype of your own concept and real-world knowledge about how to manage the adoption of your solution.

The program is structured into five units, covering the following topics:

Unit 1: Design thinking

  • Understand the starting point for developing a digital IoT solution
  • Learn about Design Thinking: the mindset, ways of working and
  • Learn how to apply design thinking to your particular digital IoT opportunity

Unit 2: The Internet of Things (IoT) unveiled 

  • Discover the evolution over time of Internet of Things technology
  • Understand the IoT technology potential for your business
  • Learn how to apply IoT technologies to your business
  • Learn how to deal with security and security management

Unit 3: Big data, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Understand the motivation behind the use of big data and AI in the context of IoT applications
  • Understand Machine Learning (ML) and the philosophy behind neural networks
  • Understand the challenges of Machine Learning (ML) applications

Unit 4: Digital solution compass and prototyping 

  • Understand the drivers of developing a digital IoT solution
  • Learn about the options of value creation using IoT and AI / ML
  • Learn how to create a digital compass for your IoT solution
  • Learn how to prototype your solution

Unit 5: Adoption and agility

  • Learn to ensure the adoption of your digital IoT solution
  • Learn to engage your key stakeholders
  • Learn to use the concept of Agile to develop your digital IoT solution
Research & knowledge

IMD's faculty and research teams publish articles, case studies, books and reports on a wide range of topics including the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation.

Smart data, not big data, can unlock the potential of predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance (PM) brings together and represents the potential of Industry 4.0. By combining sensors, connectivity and machine learning, PM helps anticipate equipment failures before they happen. 

How to avoid being blindsided by disruption

Disruption has become a catch-all term to describe how nimble digital newcomers are displacing industry titans, but disruption is about more than technology.

The unexpected consequences of integration

More and more companies have complex, global supply chains and are evolving their management structures to maintain service levels and control working capital.

China got AI right, but did we get China right?

Chinese President Xi is determined to bring the power of artificial intelligence into Chinese people’s daily lives and work to reap the full economic and social benefits of innovation.


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