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Executive education
5 days
November 25, 2019 & January 27, 2020

Start building your digital future today - Personal and business impact

Leading Digital Business Transformation is Europe's largest and best-established program in the area of digital Transformation. It brings you the best business insights for the digital age, tapping into the latest research from the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco initiative.

This digital transformation program helps you assess how your company should evolve to extract the most value from digital technologies and business models. 

You leave with a digital strategy roadmap, ready to make the transformation happen in your company.

Digital technologies

Understand how digital technologies and business models are radically changing competitive dynamics across industries


See into the mindset of digital disruptors, like Amazon, Google, Alibaba, and Silicon Valley "unicorns"


Understand how to become a much more agile organization

Action plan

Define a plan of action for digitization across your organizational value chain that allows you to both preserve your core business and compete in new markets

Who is this program for?

You are a business leader or senior manager from any business area, such as marketing, operations, IT or strategy. You have a role to play in leading your company into the digital age and need to develop a digital strategic roadmap to do so.

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Executive education
10 days
Lausanne, Switzerland
November 26, 2019 & March 24, 2019

Maximize your organizational impact - Personal and business impact

IMD’s Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives (BPSE) is a 10-day intense and deeply engaging experience. You sit down with senior executives from around the world and are guided by experienced coaches and faculty, you uncover the breakthrough insights you need to confidently tackle the most critical and difficult-to-solve issues that are limiting you and your organization.

You will leave with a clear plan to respond to the big issues. Through simulations, experiential exercises, peer-learning, facilitation role-playing, and personal coaching, you will leave re-energized and focused, ready to conquer personal and organizational issues that really matter.

Breakthrough insights

Find critical breakthrough insights and develop concrete plans to turn those insights into actionable outcomes


Tackle the most critical and difficult-to-solve issues that are limiting you and your organization

Source of inspiration

Restore and enhance your confidence, your energy, and your motivation to make your next-level contribution - find new ideas and new sources of inspiration

Global change

Evaluate that global change, digitalization and other external sources of disruption mean for you and your business

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for senior executives at, or near, the top of their organization. Whether you are at a committee, group or divisional level, you are most importantly recognized as a key business influencer within your organization. You are in the loop of all-important business and strategy decisions as someone who brings considerable experience, influence, and power.

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