Being Innovative - your learning journey

This online course is 8 weeks long. It's long enough for you to apply to your own working context what you learn and to build good habits to master new approaches to innovation.


Over the 8 weeks of courses, here's what you will learn:

Week 1: Learn

Learn how to navigate the program platform and discover how the course will help you to become more innovative. Introduce yourself to other participants, post your learning objectives and share an idea on Twitter.

Week 2: Observe

Observe how the pace of change is challenging models used to make strategic choices. Work in groups to consider how to make change a part of everyday strategy. Hear other geographic, industry, and functional perspectives and look at the innovation context of your own industry as you start your assignment.

Week 3: Discover

Discover practical ideas and tools to help you confront the challenges and grasp the opportunities in an uncertain future. Use the Business Model Canvas to analyze a case study in a group. Consider the implications of “dreaming bigger” about your customers’ experience.

Week 4: Identify

Identify how to find individuals and organizations in your industry who are already living in the future and can be a source of external innovation. Look at the implications of having customers and suppliers who are living in the future, the present or even the past.

Week 5: Reflect

Reflect on how organizations depend on their people for innovation and idea delivery, but many squander and block their ability to do this. Learn how to identify where, how and why your organization might be wasting talent, and think about how to rectify this. Review your learning objectives.

Week 6: Increase

Increase the odds that an idea will be implemented successfully using the “virus model”, which uses strategic planning to “infect” the right people with an idea in order to ensure its spread. Analyze how this was used with the iPad and consider how it could be used within your organization.

Week 7: Explore

Explore how innovation is more likely in team environments, but not all teams are capable of delivering it. Use Galbraith’s Star to understand how choices relating to strategy, structure, processes, people and rewards can create a cohesive architecture that raises the chance of innovative success.

Week 8: Foster

Foster a new approach in dealing with ideas and nurturing others’ innovative skills, outlined in the five leadership behaviors model. Use this and the other concepts you’ve learnt to find and implement an innovative idea in your own organization.