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Certificate of Lifelong Executive Learning

Certificate of Lifelong Executive Learning

Continuous learning, developing the appropriate skills, and staying abreast of management developments pace essential stages in a professional career. Further your education and earn your Certificate of Lifelong Executive Learning to support your professional journey.

Planning your learning

As an executive, you strive to gain the knowledge and skills you need to remain effective and further your career. At IMD, we offer comprehensive global leadership programs to support you no matter what stage of your career you are in. We believe that by progressing through four of these programs, you have earned the recognition of your peers and are eligible to apply for the IMD Certificate of Lifelong Executive Learning.

A unique honor

This certificate is a prestigious recognition of your achievements in professional management development. IMD is regularly ranked among the world’s leading business schools, and is probably the most international, with participants of more than 70 nationalities attending each year.

How it works

Complete four programs that are relevant to your career. These four programs must each grant alumni status as per our policy. Our MBA or Executive MBA degree programs can also be included in your four-program schedule. There is no time limit for completion – you attend at whatever pace makes sense for you.