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IMD 2010 Startup Competition winners

December 10, 2009

We have the pleasure to announce the winners of the 12th annual IMD Startup Competition. Twenty-two young companies have been chosen to work with IMD’s MBA and Executive MBA participants in 2010. They were selected from among many worthy competitors based not only on the value of their ideas and quality of their teams, but also on their fit with the learning objectives of IMD programs.

The competition provides a unique opportunity for early-stage companies to benefit from the support and insights of MBA and Executive MBA participants. The objectives of this unique collaboration are:

- To provide hands-on learning experience in entrepreneurship and new ventures for the IMD MBA and EMBA classes.

- To provide input and support to early stage companies and to improve their chances of funding, product development and market success.

The following are the company names, the key contact at the company, a one-line description and the company website (where applicable).

Startups that will work with the 90 participants in the MBA class of 2010

Ayanda Biosystems SA
Dr. Solomzi Makohliso
Ayanda Biosystems develops innovative tools for medical diagnostics, drug discovery and life science research.

basisnote AG
Dominic Senn
basisnote will develop the first genetically segmented body spray line that enhances your genetically determined sex appeal in the context of mate choice.

BionActis International Group SA
Pierre Salvat
BionActis offers expertise in liquefied gases for clean and efficient industrial processes.

Brett House
CarryQuote® offers an award-winning market data technology that delivers real-time financial market information and analysis across asset classes and geographies to mobile phones and desktops at a fraction of the price of other market data providers.

Cultwork AG
Guido Benedini
Cultwork is an international artists’ network and online art-on-demand operator creating officially licensed fine art print collections in collaboration with iconic brands in the fields of cars, motorbikes, yachts, aircraft, mechanical watches, "art de vivre" and sports.

David Portabella
We help companies uncover the information they need hidden in the deep web.

Drop Ship Parts
George Schafer
Drop Ship Parts purchases wholesale automotive parts and ships them from the manufacturer directly to the consumer at discounted rates.

Stefan Rathausky / Vincent Lagier
FidelityCase delivers innovative management and customer-intimacy web applications that allow small service businesses to differentiate.

Serena Shamash
This start-up is aimed at transforming the Quick Casual dining segment in Europe, (initially in Switzerland), focusing on bringing internationally-inspired cuisine to the mainstream in a unique delivery system that meets the lifestyle needs of today’s demanding consumer.

Sophie Gesnot
Luxury silk products (Useful Web Sàrl)
Manuel Acevedo Enjoy the city with your friends and your smartPhone

Novino Slow-Drink GmbH
Dr Knud Nairz Novino
Slow-Drink LLC produces and markets SIR MOUNT H, an innovative health-drink with alleged life-extending properties. (not yet online)

Odus Technologies SA
Nicolas Gehrig
Development of electronic solutions for supervision and quality control of steam sterilizers used in dental clinics.

StereoTools SARL
Rémi Charrier
StereoTools brings to the market a new medical device for brain surgery. It consists of a guidance system used to reach with high precision small anatomical targets located deep in the brain.

Dr. Nicola Rohrseitz
ViSSee's portable sensor analyzes motion in real-time: applied to sports it reduces health hazards and increases workout effectiveness.

Startups that will work with the 58 participants in the IMD Executive MBA 2010 class. The startups will accompany the class on the Silicon Valley Discovery Expedition in September 2010

Dacuda AG
Alexander Ilic
Dacuda develops and markets proprietary, patent pending technology for enabling fast and intuitive document scanning with hand-held devices.

Femtotools GmbH
Simon Muntwyler
Femtotools develops high-precision tools for the measuring and handling of microscopic objects.

Fontself SA
Franz Hoffman
Fontself is a startup company which provides a revolutionary new experience of text, through digital text personalization.

Labseed Sàrl
Hicham Majd
Labseed developed "MyCoat", an innovative technology that reduces scarring around implanted medical devices.

Lemoptix SA
Marco Boella
Design, development and commercialization of miniature Laser Microprojection Systems.

Tim Llewellynn
nViso is pioneering a new software service that measures and tracks the emotional reactions of consumers towards products and advertising campaigns.

Colin Sanctuary
QGel's purpose is to develop and commercialize biotechnology products of therapeutic relevance to accelerate biopharmaceutical scientific exploration, particularly in tissue engineering, stem cell biology and cancer research.

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