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Talent competitiveness and leadership quality

By Arturo Bris with Christos Cabolis, José Caballero. - 18/01/2017

Public policies can strongly influence the quality of leadership capabilities and competencies available in a particular country. For example, policies that increase education expenditure, personal ...

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Economics, Political Economy

Why are companies setting up shop in the most expensive country in the world?

By Arturo Bris - 15/11/2016

Without a doubt, Switzerland has been one of the most successful economies over the past several decades. It sits atop most international rankings in terms of productivity, innovation capacity, life ...

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Economics, Finance

Are the rich just getting richer?

By Arturo Bris - 25/05/2016

The launch of the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking is right around the corner. Every year it uses a wealth of economic and scientific hard data as well as robust surveys of business executives around ...

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Economics, Interpersonal Leadership

Where’s the best country to start a company?

By Arturo Bris - 25/02/2016

Imagine that you could open a business anywhere in the world. Where would you choose? Before you decide, consider these facts: The BRICS have not lived up to their potential - the Shanghai stock marke ...

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