Mega Dive Workshop

The IMD World Competitiveness Center offers large-scale (300-400 participants) interactive Mega Dive workshops. A Mega Dive engages participants in the search for different paths to enhance the competitiveness of their organization.

The workshop is carefully co-designed with clients to identify strategies to produce and explore new ideas with the potential to strengthen the competitiveness of any organization or industry in general.

The Mega Dive's dynamic nature requires that participants become highly involved in three cycles:

  1. brainstorming
  2. prototyping
  3. presenting ideas

Through these cycles teams of participants across functions discuss their ideas energetically. The Mega Dive enables participants to propose innovative and concrete ideas to improve the competitiveness of their organizations.

Workshops on Competitiveness

Competitiveness workshops can be organized in your country either to complement a Special Report or independent of a report. The program, which is typically one or two days long, is customized based on our clients' expectations, interests and objectives.

Participants will gain an understanding of the following during the workshop:

  • Understand the concept of competitiveness of nations
  • Evaluate the global environment in which nations compete
  • Allow government & business leaders to benchmark their economy's performance
  • Assess the competitiveness of your country/state/region and to pursue insightful decision-making
  • Learn the "Best Practices" and "Success Stories" of nations that have improved their competitiveness.

Conferences on Competitiveness

The IMD World Competitiveness Center gives presentations around the world on competitiveness issues and receives visiting delegations.

Topics include:

  • What is the current competitiveness landscape?
  • Why is competitiveness important for nations and enterprises?
  • Why is competitiveness key to achieving greater prosperity?
  • How does the IMD World Competitiveness Center measure competitiveness?
  • Where does your economy stand compared with your peers?

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