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Best team leadership program to realize your team and personal potential!

Your quest to become a more effective team leader will take you through 9 days of intense experiential learning at IMD, in the Swiss Alps and back on our campus again.

Your learning journey at-a-glance

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You will hear from us before the program starts as we guide you through a self-reflection exercise on your personal and professional journey so far. This allows you to arrive with the right frame of mind, ready to make the most of your experience with us.

After the program, you benefit from 3 one-on-one coaching sessions to help translate what you learned at IMD in your daily life. 

Program kick-off

Concise lectures and presentations are used to introduce key leadership concepts and frameworks that then deepen the central process of learning from experience.

Your focus

  • Become more aware and conscious of what is going on around you
  • Pick up subtle cues, read situations and understand your own responses
  • Take a deep look inside yourself
  • Prepare to drive change in your team and organization

Engage in team leadership and get feedback

You open yourself up to coaches, faculty, and peers in a safe and trustworthy group shaped by diversity and experiment with different team leadership situations.

As you progress, you develop your self-awareness, understand others better and what happens beyond the surface when teams interact. You develop a clear idea of how you can leverage your personality and experience to become a more authentic and effective leader.

Guiding leadership principles

Whether you are in the classroom with faculty, debriefing with your coach or up in the mountains stretching your limits with your peers, you will constantly apply the following guiding principles:

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Group and personal coaching

Team dynamics are the core focus of this program and the building blocks of organizations and businesses so most of your learning happens in small and larger teams including some of the coaching (in addition to the one-on-one coaching which each participant also gets). 

Here's how an alumnus summarized his learning experience:

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Join IMD’s professional alumni network

Once you complete an IMD program, you join IMD’s alumni network, an outstanding global community of global business leaders who will support you long-term.

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