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The Mastery Stage combines three face-to-face core modules at IMD, three Discovery Expeditions to global destinations and distance learning where you work on your company and leadership assignments at a distance.

The objective of the IMD Executive MBA is for executives to achieve a level of mastery in three dimensions:

Organizational               Mastery

Individual Mastery

Global Mastery

Conduct five overlapping projects to apply concepts to the realities of your own organization, gaining a holistic view of business problems, understanding them separately and in combination. See "Company assignments" below

Further your journey of self-discovery and skill building, becoming a more reflective leader with a high sense of self-awareness. See "Leadership" and "Career Management" below

Building on your immersive and enlightening week-long trips to diverse hubs of the world, you gain expertise about the world around us. See "Discovery Expeditions" below


Company assignments: putting your learning to work

You complete five company-specific assignments in marketing, finance, strategy, digital transformation and organizational design. These assignments let you look in depth at your particular business - in a way that is valuable for your company and your career.

The IMD Executive MBA Mastery Stage becomes part of your daily life - even when you are not in the classroom or on a Discovery Expedition. Based in your office, you work at a distance with IMD, completing assignments that use your company as the "laboratory".

Ideas, examples and materials are exchanged across time and geographies. You build on theory and frameworks from classroom sessions and Discovery Expeditions by applying these learnings in your own company. We give you the tools and resources you need to:

  • Gather knowledge from customers, bringing new insights into the organization
  • Build financial analysis skills, interpreting how strategy impacts financial health
  • Scan the competitive landscape and create a strategy for leapfrogging the competition
  • Create new organizational capabilities by aligning structures, processes, people and rewards to corporate strategy
  • Define opportunities where your business can maximize growth within the digital era

The assignments are introduced in a cumulative way through a cycle of execution and reflection, integrating step by step what you learn on the leadership stream and in the Discovery Expeditions.

Request the full overview of the Mastery Stage assignments by contacting an advisor: or +41 21 618 0700


Developing high-impact leadership skills

It's about you, as an effective individual, getting things done with others. Many find this the most enlightening and valuable element of the program. You reflect and experiment with your leadership style through team simulations, individual assignments and personal one-on-one coaching.

Leadership is at the heart of your ability to effect change in your organization. This is critical as you move into senior management roles where you are increasingly responsible and accountable for delivering results, especially through others.

Leadership and change management
The ability to lead strategic change is critical to your success as a leader. Most efforts to lead change fail due to the mental maps that leaders hold at the individual level. We analyze your effectiveness as a leader and how your behaviour can impact others and drive change in your organization.

Leadership teams
Throughout the year, you will work in leadership teams to give and receive peer feedback on your behavior, to help you understand your individual strengths and weaknesses - and how these impact other individuals, your team and the broader organizational dynamics you influence

Individual leadership coaching
You benefit from one-on-one leadership coaching throughout the program. The objective is to give you the opportunity to expand your understanding of your own behavior as well as human behavior more generally, and to deepen your learning about the exercise of leadership in different contexts.

Throughout the program, through discussions with your leadership team and personal coaching, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen your awareness of your motivations and of your personal leadership style
  • Practice and experiment with your leadership in various contexts
  • Develop your capacity to reflect on your leadership context through your experiences in groups and organizations
  • Extend your understanding of psychological dynamics occurring in human behavior

To truly benefit from your coaching experience, you need to be prepared to be open with your colleagues and to be curious with them. Much of your learning will come from interactions with your peers, as well as the process of writing about and applying concepts to your own organization and experience.


Living globalization through Discovery Expeditions

You join three Discovery Expeditions throughout the year. You learn to master general management skills in highly diversified business, social and political contexts and explore the global and regional forces that impact the way business is done.

In addition to Switzerland, we travel to three locations: China, Silicon Valley in the United States, plus you have the possibility to attend an expedition either in India or Brazil. Destinations are subject to change.

Guided by passionate faculty, local experts, and hands-on learning, we study the economy, but also the country and society. We see life as it is, in companies, as well as in the cultural, economic and political context in which they operate. But these are not exercises in industrial tourism - the objective of each Discovery Expedition is to help you rapidly absorb a large amount about the world and the global business environment and to translate those learnings to your own company and work context.

Silicon Valley


Choose between Brazil or India:

Sao Paolo & Rio de Janeiro


 Experience entrepreneurship and innovation first-hand

 Expose yourself to the leading edge of Chinese business

 Learn to develop growth strategies in challenging environments

 Understand how global corporations are changing


Today crisis is the norm, not the exception

IMD is the only school partnered with the Swiss Armed Forces to give its EMBA program a realistic crisis simulation. Over the course of two days in the final module, you will are given training on how the Swiss Armed Forces Command deals with crisis and are given practical exercises that escalate in intensity.

Read more about the crisis management simulation here.


The master of your destiny

The Career Management Module empowers executives to pro-actively plan their career to be the "masters of their destiny". Career management support consists of defining your work preferences, clarifying your career goal, defining a career strategy and providing tools and guidance to act on your strategy.

Such support is equally important for participants changing employment after the EMBA as for participants remaining with their employers to manage their career within the context of their current organization.

The 1.5-day weekend module covers career design, job hunting and leveraging your experience and skills. The module is supplemented by a series of webinars covering networking and how to access the "informal" job market, interview techniques, and discovering, structuring and communicating your brand. Further CV support is offered during the module, establishing how to best design and structure your skills, experience and qualifications.

ยป See more about Alumni and Career Impact

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