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The Foundation Stage develops your capabilities across business functions. It comprises two parts: first, Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL), a 20-day intensive program at IMD, and subsequently, a five-week distance learning module - Advanced Management Concepts.

Step 1: Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL)

You take your first step by joining Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL), a 20 consecutive day intensive program at IMD, offered 4 times a year. You will learn through integrative exercises and team work.

Develop the cross-functional skills that leaders must possess:

  • Strengthen your knowledge and understanding of key business functions
  • Become aware of how value is created by integrating functions
  • Master the application of these new and enhanced capabilities to complex business issues
  • Gain a deeper understanding of strategy implementation challenges

We will take you through a cross-disciplinary exploration of the key challenges faced by organizations and their business leaders today - and most likely in the future. And we will use this context, to develop your skills and integrate business fundamentals:

  • How to respond to changes in customer needs
  • Driving business model innovation
  • Managing complex organizations
  • Leveraging globalization
  • Industry trends and business trends
  • Uncertainties in the economic climate
  • Technological evolutions and their impact on business

Step 2: Advanced Management Concepts (AMC)

You continue to expand your knowledge during a 5-week distance learning module offered 3 times a year.

Advanced Management Concepts prepares you for the rigor and execution focus of the Mastery Stage:

  • Deepen your knowledge of the different business functions 
  • Master business concepts to perform successfully on the Mastery Stage
  • Experiment with your ability to manage your time via distance learning

The four topics covered are:

  1. Strategy
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Decision Analysis / Critical Thinking

One essay or oral exam per topic is submitted online at the conclusion of AMC. 

AMC is a 100% online module where you will participate for five weeks while continuing your professional commitments. An average workload of 20 hours per week is estimated for: watching the learning stream videos, reading articles and book chapters, preparing and submitting practical exercises in addition to sharing your insights with your classmates on the online EMBA program portal. You have Faculty support available at pre-determined office hours for questions on learning content in addition to full program support throughout the module.


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