The IMD World Competitiveness Center in the media 


The IMD World Competitiveness Center is know worldwide and is largely broadcasted via a large amount of media. 

Selected articles

See below a sample of media articles relying on the IMD World Competitiveness Center expertise.

Industry is recovering in rich countries, but is creating few jobs

Donald Trump's protectionist measures reopen the debate on relocalization. Taxation, the rise of robot, nationalism, labor costs... How to convince the global companies to invest in their home countries again? (Article in French)

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Should children be learning creativity and not math?

IMD Professor Arturo Bris in conversation with Veronique Goossens on Kanaal Z - September 2016

"Knowledge is an asset of the 20th century, not of the 21st. We need to teach our children creativity. 60 percent of the jobs that the new generation will have in 20 years do not yet exist. Innovation, digitization and longevity will bring enormous social changes," says Prof. Bris.

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Singapore losing edge in drawing and keeping talent: IMD report

Among 61 economies, the Republic scores on attracting foreign talent, but lags in developing homegrown talent; high living costs also hurt its appeal.

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