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How can traditional businesses react to the digital transformation tsunami? Four steps to success

By Carlos Cordon, Teresa Ferreiro - 15/01/2016

Introduction: How can a company overcome a 90% drop in revenues? By using big data. But how? Where should it start? This is the situation that major Dutch healthcare company Mediq faced in 2012. It us ...

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Economics, Operations

Here Comes the Omnichain

By Carlos Cordon, Teresa Ferreiro - 11/01/2016

Abstract: The value chain encompasses all the activities involved in delivering a product or service to customers. In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, that includes everything from raw materi ...

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Information Technology, Innovation

Corporate Digital Learning: How to Get It “Right”

By Carlos Cordero, Jeanny Wildi - 08/05/2015

Executive Summary: This position paper is a collaborative effort between KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungs-gesellschaft, Germany (KPMG) and IMD business school, Switzerland (IMD). The aim of the paper is to ...

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Economics, Strategy

How Does Multinational R&D Evolve in Emerging Markets?

By Charles Dhanaraj, Rishikesha Krishnan, Srivardhini Jha - 13/04/2015

Abstract: Our inductive study of nine European multinational enterprises (MNEs) and their R&D units in India uncovers a distinct trajectory of overseas R&D evolution, ubiquitous in emerging markets. I ...

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Political Economy

The WTO and the Business Community

By Carlos A. Primo Braga, Athanasios Kondis - 27/11/2014

Introduction 1 It has become a cliché to say that the WTO is at a crossroads. 2 After twelve years of negotiations on the so-called Doha Development Agenda (DDA), it appeared there was no end in sight ...

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Political Economy

The WTO and Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges for Brazil

By Carlos A. Primo Braga - 07/11/2014

Introduction: The Doha Development Agenda (DDA) negotiations “commemorated” their twelfth anniversary in November 2013. Policymakers in industrialized nations seem to be both distracted (by  the  ...

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Governance, Political Economy

Brazil and China: Complementarity and Competition

By Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Carlos A. Primo Braga - 14/10/2014

Introduction: It is impossible to tell how historians fifty years from now will judge this first decade-and-a-half of the 21st century. Three things, however, are reasonably certain. They will note it ...

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Social and environmental compliance collaboration

By Francisco Szekely - 27/01/2014

Full text restricted  ( The author may grant permission for the text to be released in specific cases. If you are interested, contact  our Information Center   giving your name, company and reason for ...

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Economics, Strategy

Publicly Funded Research for SMEs: Is it worth trying?

By Benoit F. Leleux, , Jim Pulcrano - 22/04/2013

Abstract Innovation is essential to biomedical ventures, but finding the necessary financing can be difficult for small and/or early-stage firms. For this study, 73 Swiss biomedical companies provided ...

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