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We look for the best group of 90

Mature and globally minded classmates you can learn from and share knowledge with.

What you must have

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution
  • GMAT (average score 670) or GRE (min 75-80th percentile for both Quant & Verbal)
  • Minimum three years full-time work experience (average is seven years)
  • Strong command of written and spoken English (TOEFL not required)
  • One language in addition to English

What we look for

Characteristics Details
Intellectual ability Your ability to grasp complex concepts and synthesize new knowledge rapidly
Career progression How your responsibility has increased; the breadth and depth of your knowledge; the impact you have made on your organization.
Leadership potential Your knowledge, vision, courage and ethics; your empathy and ability to motivate and orchestrate teams and individuals.
International outlook Time spent living abroad, the international scope of your career and your knowledge of foreign languages
Interpersonal skills Your ability to work well in diverse teams.
Intellectual curiosity Your desire to learn and contribute to the learning of others.
Strong values and integrity Your courage to make difficult decisions and ability to lead responsibly.


Still unsure whether your profile fits the IMD MBA program?
Our 'Assess your Chances' form has been designed specifically to assess your general fit with our program.

Based on your answers, a member of our Admissions Committee will provide you with feedback on your potential candidacy for the IMD MBA within 15 working days.

This feedback does not influence the final decision of our admissions team should you then decide to proceed with the full online application process.

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Admissions Tips
Lisa Piguet, Associate Director MBA Admissions & Marketing, offers the following tips on the IMD MBA admissions process.

  • Highlight your achievements
  • Show us your business orientation, especially if from a non-business background
  • Give us examples of your leadership: even if you have never managed a team, think of situations outside of work or indirect leadership
  • Tell us who you are, share some personal information
  • Choose recommenders who have worked directly with you and who can assess your business acumen and potential
  • Talk to our alumni or participants to get a feel for the program.

You can also see Lisa's live admissions chat for more insights.

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