Gain the essential skills of a modern board member

Combine a selection of IMD programs into the IMD Board Director Diploma and certify that you are equipped with the right tools and knowledge for continued success as a modern board member, amidst complex business times and disruption.

40 years of experience

Be inspired by the latest research and the world’s best boards. Draw on more than 40 years of board education experience to prepare your board to face the challenges of a complex world.

Extensive portfolio

Gain both breadth and depth of knowledge across a range of key topics to confidently sit on any board. Such as: teams dynamics, digital transformation, finance etc.

Certified board excellence

Certify your board skills with the IMD Board Director Diploma in just 9 days, depending on your selection of programs.

90% boards fail to add value to their executive teams. Why?

As the world changes, boards are confronted with a steep rise in complexity across emerging topics. And not all boards continue to have the necessary expertise.

Discover our board programs portfolio
High Performance Boards
How board directors make a real difference

Learn what high-performing boards are doing to be the driving force behind their company’s success. Get the latest research to find out what works and what doesn’t – in terms of board governance, board dynamics and strategic board involvement.

Driving Sustainability from the Boardroom
Chart your company’s ESG path to long-term success

A highly experiential program that prepares board members to understand how ESG expands their fiduciary and accountability duties, lead ESG conversations, and respond to ESG crises.

Strategy Governance for Boards
The role of the board in strategy governance

Play a meaningful, advisory role in the governance of your firm’s strategy within the context of an increasingly digital landscape.

Team Dynamics for Boards
Build a high performing board team

Drive positive dynamics in your board through a deeper awareness of what happens below the surface when groups interact.

Digital Transformation for Boards
Get the right digital vocabulary and toolkit

Become up-to-speed with the new digital landscape so you can make informed decisions and provide the best recommendations when evaluating digital opportunities and threats for your company.

Boards and Risks
Risk governance and prevention in a chaotic world

Benchmark board best-practices on risks and update to the latest risk thinking.

Finance for Boards
Gain the confidence to make smart finance decisions

Get the essential finance knowledge you need to make tough decisions for your company in areas such as mergers & acquisitions as well as risk management.

Stakeholder Management for Boards
Master stakeholder dynamics for effective corporate governance

Equips you with practical tools to work effectively on stakeholder engagement and optimize the large set of demands, competencies, and opportunities presented by stakeholders.

Mastering Board Governance
Principles and best practices for effective board membership

A 5-week online program that equips you with a deep understanding of the principles and practices of good governance so you can make meaningful contributions in your new or future role as a board member.

Discover in depth the IMD Board Director Diploma

Rethink, refresh and certify your board skills with IMD Board Director Diploma and its unique advantages:

  • Become a certified board member
  • Benefit from 40 years of expertise with boards
  • Select your key topics from an extensive program portfolio
  • Achieve both breadth and depth of knowledge
  • Maximize your connections

IMD is ranked #1 in the world for Open Programs for the ninth consecutive year in the 2020 Financial Times Executive Education Rankings.

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