Executive leadership program

An executive leadership program is vital to the entire workforce of any business organization. It must possess the following characteristics:

  • It should prepare employees to take on greater responsibility.
  • It should hone people’s leadership skills, talents and core competencies.
  • It should help the workforce meet today's complex business challenges.
  • It should give you new perspectives and life-changing experiences.

Despite these definitions, questions still remain.

  • What are the key considerations in choosing an executive development program?
  • Why are these criteria important?

These questions will be answered by reading this post. You will learn more about the 6 key considerations in choosing an executive training program.

6 Considerations in Selecting Management Leadership Programs

1. It should come from a top business management school

Executive Training Program

Choose a management training program that comes from a top business management school. You will know that it is an internationally recognized business school if it has already won several awards from government institutions, magazines and non-profit organizations. An example of which is IMD business school in Switzerland.

IMD is widely recognized as one of the top business schools in the world. The school’s executive education programs and masters in business administration degrees are consistently ranked right at the top by publications such as the Financial Times, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek. So with an IMD executive training program, you know you're learning from the best.

2. Executive leadership programs must expand your business horizons

Select executive training courses that will help you expand your knowledge and understanding on the different scenarios and situations that exist in the field of business. It is also important to learn more about the different economies as a whole. This is important because you'll need a broader perspective to move forward in your career and continue to drive business results.

Executive Training Program

For young managers, this usually starts with deepening your understanding across all business functions such as finance, innovation, marketing, operations and strategy.

Managers wishing to move into general management need an in-depth awareness of how the world is changing and the mega trends shaping the future. Knowledge of key global markets is also indispensable. Even senior managers can benefit from new perspectives on broader economic and societal challenges and how to find game-changing moves. IMD's management training programs broaden your business horizon in these ways.

3. It must contribute towards leadership development

Executive Training Program

Executive training and development courses must contribute towards leadership development. This kind of training programs must hone your leadership skills and core competencies to manage a team. Knowledge of business is essential but what will set you apart in the long run is your ability to lead.

Different IMD management training programs help you with this in different ways depending on your level. Young managers get a strong foundation in leadership principles. Many programs improve your self-awareness through leadership coaching and allow you to practice your leadership skills. More experienced managers delve into the specific leadership challenges of senior and top management.

4. Management training courses must be challenging and engaging

Executive Training ProgramYou need to choose a management training program that is challenging and engaging. Course content must be concentrated on solving complex business issues that might be useful to your business organization. It must also help you to think outside the box and stretch your mindset in dealing with business problems and looking for unconventional solutions.

You have ample opportunities for this in an IMD management training program. In addition to very hands-on leadership development described above, there are thought-provoking assignments, lively discussions on real‑life cases, and challenging individual and group work.

5. Executive leadership programs must have immediate and lasting value

Executive Training ProgramThe program must be relevant your business organization. The main purpose of enrolling in such management training programs is to understand meaningful concepts and apply the strategies learned for the benefit of your business organization.

This is the reason why IMD's executive education programs consolidate your learning with real-world projects. Being truly relevant to your job means you get so much more out of an executive training program and also that you bring immediate value to your organization. We also provide follow-up coaching and support after many programs to help ensure this value is lasting, to both you and your company.

6. Executive leadership programs must help you overcome business challenges

Executive Training Program

You will surely overcome business challenges and reach new heights in leadership with the help of executive training programs. Such training programs must allow you to have a glimpse on new career opportunities and responsibilities as a leader.



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