Winners 2021-2022

Please join us in congratulating the 37 winners of the 24th annual IMD Startup Competition!

Winners 2021-2022

Please join us in congratulating the 37 winners of the 24th annual IMD Startup Competition!

Below you will find the 20 ventures that will be working with the IMD fulltime MBAs 2022, and the 17 startups that will collaborate with one of the three Executive MBA cohorts. Though this year we had fewer candidates than in the last few years, the overall quality was the best that we have ever seen (and thus our decisions were harder). Many of the firms who applied and were not chosen would have been great candidates, but we had to make choices.

And the winners are…..

The 20 Swiss ventures that our MBAs will have the privilege of working with in 2022 are:


Aikemy is building the pocket feed lab – an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that optimizes animal nutrition to enable cost savings while reducing the environmental footprint.

aOrion Drones

A drone-as-a-Service platform for industrial applications in any geography and climatic conditions.


Aseptuva is developing a safe UV light technology for medical devices to combat millions of annual hospital infections.


atfinity is a provider of leading software that enables banks to grow by constantly automating their processes.


b-rayZ is a MedTech software company that drives innovation in radiology with a ground-breaking AI medical platform.

Calingo Insurance

Calingo Insurance revolutionizes the way insurance is sold and bought, offering maximum convenience to the end customer.


EarlySight is developing a medical device to help doctors detect and monitor eye diseases at early stages thanks to unprecedented imaging of the eye.


Enerdrape is developing an underground thermal panel technology which can turn underground environments into renewable energy suppliers to meet the heating and cooling needs of buildings.


Exomotion is on a mission to enhance the quality of life for people with reduced mobility by providing automated mobility services in indoor environments.


We transform low-value minerals into high-performance, safe and ecological insulation panels for buildings.


We help manufacturers to get supply planning right.

Goodlife Coffee

Goodlife Coffee is an innovative specialty coffee company from Lausanne

Heat Neutral

HeatNeutral has developed an efficient fuel combustion system, which is a direct low-cost drop-in solution that can replace the millions of heating oil burners currently in use worldwide and immediately allow those heating systems to become carbon neutral.


Limula offers an award-winning platform technology for robust and scalable production of cell and gene therapies.


Lumiphase builds optical communication chips to help network and cloud providers manage the exploding data traffic.


Olympe is an award-winning startup whose software composition environment makes it a breeze to build business applications that add functionality to legacy IT systems, especially by connecting them to any real time data source.

OpenDress GmbH – Brand BEAWEAR

BEAWEAR is a pioneering business-to-business SAAS fashion-tech solution to help apparel brands eliminate the problem of incorrect fit and to drastically reduce online returns, costs, and waste.


SoundFlux resurrects lost masters in digital high fidelity audio using touchless X-rays for your favorite streaming service.


The platform for creating organs and tissues in the lab.


TradeBay is a global marketplace where producers, sellers, buyers and traders of fruits instantly grow their network of trusted partners, reach new markets, and trade more securely.

And now, working with IMD’s Executive MBA classes in 2022, accompanying them to Silicon Valley in September and November, and watching as the students pitch them to Silicon Valley VCs will be:


autonomyo enables the continuous and intense walking training after clinical rehabilitation in a patient’s home.


C WIRE is a Zurich-based ad tech company dedicated to building a sustainable advertising ecosystem for media owners and advertisers through AI-powered contextual targeting.


Medusoil has developed a novel, containerized technology to enable bio-cementation applications in construction and geo-environmental works

Mithras Technology

Mithras turns body heat into usable electricity for wearables and enables substantial extensions of battery runtime up to the ultimate goal of energy-autonomy.

Onescope SA

Pneumoscope, a new generation of AI powered stethoscope for all.

Perovskia Solar

PEROVSKIA SOLAR AG is a Swiss cleantech startup that provides digitally printed customizable solar cells to OEMs.


PIPRA helps reduce postoperative delirium, the most common post-surgical complication affecting 20% of patients over 60 and often with long term consequences for patients and enormous costs to hospitals and insurers.


Positrigo aims to make functional medical imaging accessible for people worldwide


Sirius Aviation AG is a Swiss air mobility company with an ambition to change the way we travel and become a leader in a multi-trillion market.

SmartHelio Sarl

SmartHelio is a clean energy intelligence company. It has developed proprietary digital technology to keep clean energy assets healthy


Syntheticus provides a B2B SaaS solution that enables public and private entities to unlock & monetise untapped data easily while staying fully compliant.


Typewise is a Swiss deep tech company on a mission to decode human thoughts, through privacy-focused AI text prediction technology


TYXIT and the IMD eMBA team will be joining forces to build the most scalable SaaS platform for musicians and gamers, enabling real-time remote sessions and the creation of unique contents that can then be protected and valued through NFT generation directly from the platform.


VIRA DRONES is developing heavy duty cargo drones with payloads from 200 to 1000 kg for air logistics and rescue operations, designed according to aviation safety rules, capable of flying where the pilot cannot and costing up to five times less than existing helicopters.

V-Labs SA

V-Labs is a Swiss, high-tech startup that provides an engineering grade augmented reality solution for high precision geospatial data and step-by-step work instructions, enabling surveyors, contractors, and engineers in the field to increase their efficiency and avoid costly errors during construction, surveying, and installation work.


Aiving develops precision wearable technology for competitive sports.


ArcoScreen, an EPFL spin-off founded in July 2021, develops novel drug discovery solutions directly testing patient cells to counter diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s.