About IMD

IMD is an independent business school, with Swiss roots and global reach, expert in developing leaders and transforming organizations to create ongoing impact.

IMD has ranked #1 in the world for Open programs for the 9th consecutive year (2020 Financial Times Executive Education Rankings)

Here are some key figures:

  • 9,000+ executives annually from….
  • 170 global organizations choose IMD for their customized programs each year
  • 100,000+ alumni members
  • 46 Alumni Clubs
  • 35 Open-enrollment executive development programs (including intensive MBA and EMBA programs) as well as company-specific custom programs and 13 online programs, which provide one-on-one coaching
  • IMD has ranked #1 in the world for Open programs for the 8th consecutive year (2019 Financial Times Executive Education Rankings)
  • 47 faculty representing 25 nationalities
  • 90 MBA candidates from 43 nationalities
  • 121 EMBA participants from 30 nationalities
  • Participants & faculty come from over 100 countries, ensuring a truly international environment
  • More than 340 employees (including faculty)
  • 72 Years of excellence in executive learning (IMI created in 1946 by Alcan Aluminium)

How IMD delivers impact

At IMD, we combine three interdependent elements to ensure that we are designing and delivering interventions that achieve high individual and organizational impact – both in the immediate and long-term. 

  • Rigorous, insightful and actionable thought leadership
    As an institution with a strong academic pedigree, our activities are informed by world-class thought leadership – developed at IMD and elsewhere. We understand that thought leadership must be rigorous, but we also strive to develop and use knowledge that is innovative, insightful and actionable

  • Understanding your needs and context
    As IMD was founded by and shares continuous ties to the business community, we have an exceptional understanding of the objectives and contexts of the individuals and organizations we work with. As an academic institution, we also strive to have objective and courageous conversations with our clients. 

  • State-of-the-art pedagogy
    We employ our state-of-the-art understanding of individual and collective learning processes to design and deliver impactful interventions. From one-on-one coaching conversations to large-scale transformation journeys, we structure interactions that stimulate dialogue, discovery and debate. 

Our approach leverages thought leadership to create innovative and unforgettable learning experiences in the service of clear business objectives.