Welcome to the web user guide

This guide is dedicated to support you with the epiServer use. Get an overview of the structure and all the blocks to display your page following the best practices


When creating a page the templates will be the first choice you will have to make. Depending on the type of content your working on the structure and the possibilities will be different.

Plus: we added some preview to help you out ;-)

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They are the content of your page whether you need to display some cards, images or videos, the blocks will help to built your page layout. Get to know when to use them and what are the good practices. Some blocks are limited to a specific area some are not.

This list will support you choosing the right one.

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Icons – Find an icon within the existing library or get to know how to create from scratch a corporate web icon, what rules it has to follow and how to name it.

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Images – Selecting the right images for you content and knowing the technical aspect to optimize your images is the aim of this page.

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You might have some additonnal questions as well as other users before you, so we have made a selection of one we get the most often. In case yours is not in the selection you can send us your directly.

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