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Understanding family business issues

With over 30 years of rich experience working with family businesses, Leading the Family Business is the longest-running family business program in the world. The program actively helps you expand your knowledge of successful family firms and better understand and navigate specific challenges and critical issues in your own family business. You analyze your business today and reshape it for tomorrow.

How you learn

You learn through real-life case studies, active class discussions, group workshops, lessons learned family coaching sessions and networking activities. Classes are highly interactive and the discussions led by our faculty are relevant, meaningful and engaging. You have unparalleled opportunities to network, share, and benchmark with other family firms, all with similar dilemmas. Learn from each other and tap into IMD's long-standing history with some of the most successful family businesses in the world.

Your take-away

You will return to your family business with new ideas, action plans, and tools to help your business grow and succeed into the next generation and beyond. LFB is an intensive and comprehensive program focusing solely on the family business. It delves deeply into specific topics and includes targeted on coaching sessions to help you and your family address specific challenges you are facing.