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Global value chains under threat
Topics: Supply Chain
By Ralf W. Seifert with Polina Bochukova - 5 March 2014
How companies implement resilience in their supply chains.
The five stages of the Chief Digital Officer–and why they often fail
Topics: Digital, Organizational Transformation
By Michael R. Wade - 14 February 2020
Working with many CDOs over the past five years, we have concluded they are, by and large, competent, motivated and experienced, with a strong mix of knowledge and skills. By this reckoning, their high rate of failure is…
7 min. read
Joining forces for the world we want
Topics: Sustainability, Social Innovation
By Vanina Farber and Natalia Olynec - 19 September 2019
Achieving the SDGs, 17 Global Goals for the next decade, requires systemic changes across sectors, not just international aid. The SDGs are mobilizing private capital to contribute to impact hand-in-hand with…
6 min. read

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