What makes countries happier? 

Research on what affects the levels of happiness of an individual, organization or country has been growing across different academic fields because of its importance to managers, business leaders and policy makers alike. 

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Gender Parity: Key Trends in Women Empowerment

To celebrate the many accomplishments by women and acknowledge the on-going efforts for gender parity, this issue of the Criterion of the Month explores the evolution of three key areas of women participation and decision-making in the last decade. 

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Criterion of the Month - March 2018 

The German election & sentiments on migration  

Mrs. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, has led her country in successful economic performance since she took office in 2005. The traditional wisdom among political analysts is that growing economies are the best defense to nativist rhetoric. Yet, this does not seem to be the case in Germany. 

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Criterion of the Month - January 2018

Has the world become more globalized? 

How open an economy is affects its size and the level of competitiveness of the country. The free flow of goods and services, talent, and ideas benefits economies in many ways from making them more efficient to transferring know-how, to facilitating the adoption of new technologies. 

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Criterion of the Month - November 2017

Gender Inequality and R&D: Do competitive economies employ the highest share of women researchers? 

For the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the IMD World Competitiveness Center will explore the relationship between economies that exhibit high competitiveness and the number of women researchers. 

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Criterion of the Month - February 2018

Is the flow of skilled labor related to the agility of an economy?  

Reflecting on the popular topics for 2017, two themes stand out among those which captured the interest of researchers and commentators. First, the extent to which economies successfully address the future loss of employment due to the introduction of new technologies; and second, the benefits associated with the general concept of globalization.

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Criterion of the Month - December 2017

Government Transparency: Are we better off than a decade ago?

Transparency on the government level has been a key issue for more than a decade. Theoretical and empirical work along with the advocacy of NGOs have strengthened the idea, have suggested ways to measure it, and have kept the issue on the forefront of any discussion about the necessary conditions that a high-quality government must follow. 

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Criterion of the Month - October 2017