“Ground control to Major Tom”: New frontiers in space

Conquering space is a perennial aspiration of humans. From Daedalus and Icarus in the Greek mythology to “From the Earth to the Moon” and its sequel “Around the Moon” by Jules Verne in the mid-19th century, the narrative was always there: Capturing higher and higher distances from the earth and ultimately reaching to the moon. Yet it took about another century to make Jules Verne’s novel, a reality.

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Please tell us: What makes your country appealing?

This is indeed what we ask the mid- and upper-level executives who receive our questionnaire around this time each year. You can imagine…The executives who decide to respond must reflect on what makes their economy attractive as a destination for capital, talent, as well as ideas.

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Criterion of the Month - March 2019



Sustainability Resolution

We all strive for new beginnings and the start of a new year provides the best opportunity to align such deeds. It is manifested with the ancient tradition of making resolutions, promises that is, to align our behavior in such a way as to accomplish a positive target.

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Criterion of the Month - January 2019 

Where to go on vacation?

Is it possible to think of Finland, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and New Zealand together as a group when you are thinking of your next vacation? Can we add to this group Australia, Canada, Iceland and Norway? In short, the answer to this question is: yes! Let me explain by providing a rather personal take on a day at the IMD World Competitiveness Center.

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Criterion of the Month - November 2018 

Corruption, Democracy and Political Uncertainty

In this issue of the Criterion of the Month, the IMD World Competitiveness Center studies the correlation between corruption and the IMD World Competitiveness Dataset measure of the political environment of the country as perceived by mid- and upper-level executives.

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Criterion of the Month - February 2019 

Philanthropy & Competitiveness 

Can the IMD World Competitiveness dataset provide insights on the consideration of charitable donations ? The winter holidays are just around the corner! A big part of the world celebrates, families and friends get together, communities convene to observe rituals and enjoy each other. An important part of these traditions is the exchange of presents. This is also the time when households decide to donate to charities, which focus on issues of their concern.

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Criterion of the Month - December 2018 

The Brazilian election through the lens of competitiveness

The Brazilian voters casted their ballots in the first round of the presidential elections this past Sunday and will return for the final second round on October 28. There is a lot of interest and many articles in the popular press and social media about the election. Brazil is after all, the 5th country in the world by population and the 8th by GDP. In addition, following recent global trends, this election has been divisive and polarized.

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Criterion of the Month - October 2018