The IMD World Competitiveness Center offers workshops that focus on assessing and enhancing competitiveness by analyzing the factors that drive the potential for long-term value creation. The workshops facilitate participants’ understanding of their role in strengthening competitiveness by:

  • Exploring the main trends shaping the world economy today
  • Fostering outside-in thinking about the implications for their situation
  • Identifying strategies to create value
  • Highlighting the success factors found in the most competitive environments
  • Sharing best practices to enhance competitiveness
  • Examining results and priorities.

Each workshop, which is typically one or two days long, is customized to meet clients’ expectations, interests and objectives. Holding a competitiveness workshop in your country is an effective way to complement a special report.

Mega Dive

The IMD World Competitiveness Center offers large-scale interactive Mega Dive workshops for 300 to 400 participants at a time.

A Mega Dive engages participants in the search for different paths to enhance the competitiveness of their country or organization. Typically it takes place over a day or half-day.

Each workshop is carefully co-designed with the client to identify strategies to generate and explore new ideas that have the potential to strengthen the competitiveness of any organization or of industry in general.

The dynamic nature of the Mega Dive means that participants are highly involved in three cycles:

megadive graph

Through these fast-moving cycles, teams of participants across functions discuss their ideas energetically and purposefully to propose innovative and concrete ideas to improve the competitiveness of their organization or country.

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