Prognostic Report

The IMD World Competitiveness Center undertakes customized projects for countries to assess their performance and thus examine the strategic aspects of their current competitiveness policies.

A prognostic assessment is a powerful tool to help leaders contemplate different alternatives to strengthen the competitiveness of their country.

Summary of the methodology

Prognostic report

Output : 

Assess the efficiency of current competitiveness policies.

  • Highlights specific policies to improve underperforming indicators

  • Develops evidence-based competitiveness policy recommendations

  • Provides advice to strengthen the competitiveness of your country by focusing on the optimization of key competitiveness drivers

  • Evaluate the impact of current competitiveness-relevant policies and strategies 

Simulate alternative competitiveness models to predict the ‘behaviour’ of particular indicators

  • Hypothesize about competing theoretical models of competitiveness

  • Observe the significant relationships among variables within simulation

  • Policy implications

Assesses the competitiveness drivers of the economy

  • Collect and rank existing competitiveness indicators

  • Assess country’s competitiveness trends

  • Identification of key drivers of competitiveness

  • Assessment of the drivers of your country’s competitiveness

  • Benchmark against the most competitive countries

Explore the performance of leading countries within key competitiveness drivers

  • Overview of competitiveness trends of leading countries

  • Analysis of relationships among country-specific key indicators

  • Relevance for your country

  • Determine best practices

  • Optimize competitiveness-related strategic decisions based on best practices