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We are delighted to invite you to attend the upcoming sessions in our series, Leading in Turbulent Times. Featuring IMD faculty, these weekly webinars will appear live Friday's at 11am CET on Zoom.

What will you stand for? Enabling organizational change through Allies and Advocates

In this webinar and panel discussion, Alyson Meister, IMD Professor of Leadership and Organization Behavior, and Josefine van Zanten, Senior Advisor, Equity, Inclusion & Diversity, will address the important roles of allyship and advocacy as they relate to EI&D journeys in organizations.

Watch past webinars

The past webinars are available in the video library below, giving you the chance to glean their insights at your convenience.

Professor Patrick Reinmoeller
This webinar with Professor of Strategy and Innovation Patrick Reinmoeller will focus on shaping your success as you head into an unknown future.
Professor Louise Muhdi and Professor Öykü Isik

During this webinar, Professor of Innovation and Strategy Louise Muhdi and Professor of Technology Management Öykü Isik will discuss the confident use of new digital communication tools and collaboration technologies in open innovation.

Professor Arnaud Chevallier

In this webinar, Arnaud Chevallier, IMD Professor of Strategy, shows you how to combine scenario planning and Bayesian thinking in a three-step process to make better decisions under skyrocketing uncertainty.

Professor Michael D. Watkins and Nicholas Janni

Visiting Professor of Leadership Nicholas Janni and Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change Michael Watkins will explore the necessary inner qualities of the ‘leader-as-healer’, emotional intelligence, and why meditation and mindfulness are essential inner resources.

Professor Frédéric Dalsace

Marketing tasks have changed. Frédéric Dalsace, IMD Professor of Marketing and Strategy, will show what it will take: adding seven new tasks to the typical marketing agenda.

Professor Sameh Abadir

IMD Professor of Negotiation Sameh Abadir drew from decades of experience to show how to overcome decision-making biases, optimize resources and talents, and make proper concessions and trade-offs, amongst other skills.

Professor Ginka Toegel

Ginka Toegel, IMD Professor of Leadership, will discuss recent developments in leadership research and leadership business practice, and explore what has changed.

Professor Michael R. Wade

Michael Wade, IMD Professor of Innovation and Strategy and Director of the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, will look at innovative responses strategies – backed up by examples – of how to innovate and emerge stronger from the disruption caused by COVID-19.

Professor Goutam Challagalla and Professor Mikolaj Jan Piskorski

Companies across industries have to make difficult decisions during this recession. Goutam Challagalla, Professor of Strategy and Marketing, and Misiek Piskorski, Professor of Strategy and Innovation and the Dean of IMD Southeast Asia and Oceania, will explore examples of strategic decisions that companies have recently implemented.

Professor Ben Bryant

Ben Bryant, Professor of Leadership and Organization, IMD, will focus on the question of what the current pandemic can teach us about our own leadership. By examining what is truly important to us, we can decide what we must we hang on to, and what are we be prepared to let go of.

By Professor Peter Vogel and Maria Ahlström-Bondestam

This webinar offers aspiring as well as established philanthropists an insight into the methods of successful philanthropic families and providing an opportunity to explore new ways to approach or reshape their own giving.

Professor Shlomo Ben-Hur and Affiliate Professor Susan Goldsworthy

Shlomo Ben-Hur, IMD Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior, and facilitated by Susan Goldsworthy, IMD Affiliate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change, will explore how companies and leaders aspire to exit the crisis and lead their businesses and people into recovery.

Professor Didier Cossin

Didier Cossin, Professor of Governance, Founder and Director of IMD Global Board Center, will explore the major shifts that boards are preparing to address, from technology to geopolitics, and from M&As and consolidation to future supply chains.

Professor Jennifer Jordan and Executive Coach Silke Mischke

Silke Mischke, Learning Manager and Executive Coach, IMD, and Jennifer Jordan, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, IMD, will look at how working with difficult emotions in a constructive way can develop emotional resilience. 

Professor Katharina Lange

Ever felt “stuck” in your life or career? With just a few practical techniques, you can use the current crisis to get “unstuck” and arrive at the place you’d like to be. Join Katharina Lange, Professor of Leadership, IMD, to explore how to get things moving, where to negotiate and where to let go to advance your career.

Professor Patrick Reinmöller

Join Patrick Reinmoeller, Professor of Strategy and Innovation, IMD, for a glimpse into how self-isolation, working from home and novel online solutions are creating new choices for companies. Rather than agonizing over small changes, competition forces companies to fundamentally rethink the big picture.

Professor Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, IMD, explored how leaders get around these hurdles in order to reach the desired results – both in terms of task and team spirit. She provided some best practices for leading a virtual team. 

Professor Anand Narasimhan and Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg

In this webinar, Professor Narasimhan and Dr. Wedell-Wedellsborg highlight new qualities we are seeing in team leaders that wouldn’t have become so prominent without this “pandemic stimulus”.

Professor Jennifer Jordan Francesca and Giulia Mereu

Like the battery in your phone, your energy requires effort to stay well-charged. Jennifer Jordan, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, IMD, and Francesca Giulia Mereu, Author and Executive Coach, IMD, explained the four dimensions of energy and how you can effectively sustain them.

Professor Stéphane J. G. Girod and Professor Goutam Challagalla

Stéphane JG Girod, Professor of Strategy and Organizational Innovation, IMD, and Goutam Challagalla, Professor of Strategy and Marketing, IMD believe agility is key to survival. In this webinar, these agility transformation experts will share principles and methods of agility that can help your company to thrive in chaos.

The Resilient Mindset: a practical guide for leaders

During this webinar, Katharina Lange, Professor of Leadership, IMD, will show how you can put a resilient mindest into practice using everyday examples; and explore how you can lead your teams and entire organization to be more resourceful and use this crisis as an opportunity to build resilience.   

Professor Goutam Challagalla and Professor Patrick Reinmöller

Join Patrick Reinmoeller, Professor of Strategy and Innovation, IMD, and Goutam Challagalla, Professor of Strategy and Marketing, IMD, for a look into the past, present and future of corporate strategy. They will provide several examples of companies that braved an economic downturn and made it out safely to the other side.

Professor Peter Vogel

While coronavirus has impacted every aspect of business life, some companies are pulling ahead rather than falling behind. Multi-generational family enterprises are particularly well-equipped to weather the storm and to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger than their peers.


Professor Howard H. Yu and Professor Patrick Reinmöller

In such times of crisis, companies’ resilience is what shines. So what are the different strategies that lead to resilience? How have certain companies absorbed the shock, changed and bounced forward rather than backward?

Professor Sameh Abadir and Marta Widz

In this webinar, Sam Abadir, Professor of Leadership and Negotiation, IMD, brings his long experience in both the corporate world and the military to the table. His unique perspective provides extensive insights into behavioral change and the ability to perform under stress.

Professor Frédéric Dalsace

With the current situation constantly evolving, COVID-19’s human, financial and economic consequences are anyone’s guess. But to what extent can the crisis inform us on how to face the greater issue of sustainability.

Professor Mark J. Greeven

This webinar was led by Mark Greeven, Professor of Innovation and Strategy, IMD, was designed as an interactive executive dialogue. He talked about how you can discover to better leverage external partners with increase resilience and responsiveness. 

Professor Karl Schmedders

The Covid-19 pandemic is not only affecting people’s daily lives and the global economy, it is also sending shockwaves through financial markets. Karl Schmedders, Professor of Finance, IMD, discussed the current state of the world’s financial markets and provided an outlook in response to recent policy measures

Professor Howard H. Yu and Professor Salvatore Cantale

This webinar was led by Howard Yu, LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation, and Director, Advanced Management Program (AMP), IMD, and Salvatore Cantale, Professor of Finance, IMD. They looked at both the financial and organizational perspectives; as well as discussed the financial markets and the impact of government stimulus packages on corporations.

Professor Mark J. Greeven

How did Chinese companies respond during this challenging time? What examples can we draw from a variety of industries?

In this webinar, Mark Greeven, Professor of Innovation and Strategy, IMD, explored both organizational as well as strategic considerations. A China expert, Greeven has gathered best practices from China and discussed how they can be adopted by companies in the rest of the world.

Professor Ina Toegel and Professor Michael Yaziji

Employees around the world are now working from home instead of gathering at the office. But now that you operate virtually, are you guilty of the seven deadly sins of virtual communication?

In this webinar, professors Ina Toegel and Michael Yaziji shared practical tips and hacks to enhance communication rather than stymie it. They explored how a team’s mix of personalities adds up to a collective team response.

Professor Carlos Cordon

During the webinar led by Professor Carlos Cordon, Professor of Strategy and Supply Chain Management, IMD Lausanne he looked at how to keep your supply chain moving. He explored the lockdown process and how you can best prepare for the production environment.

Professor Amit M. Joshi

Leaders can observe and learn from the ways in which AI is being used by governments in the current coronavirus climate to make correlations with their organizations. Almost every country in the world is using AI in some shape or form to confront the pandemic, combining data and analytics, and using the results as substance for driving decisions.


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