Resilient Mindset video mini-series with Professor Katharina Lange
Episode 1

CHRO of Ranstad, Jos Schut, speaks to Professor Lange on how organizational leaders can lead their firms through the crisis more resiliently.

Episode 2

In conversation with Katherina Lange Professor of Leadership at IMD and Tawfik Jelassi, Professor of Strategy & Technology Management also at IMD, John Davison, CEO of Zuellig Pharma, credits that effort as key to Zuellig’s navigation of the COVID-19 crisis.

Innovative thinking in turbulent times video mini-series with Professor Louise Muhdi
Episode #1 - Part I

Part I is titled "The first step to creativity" and focuses on how to unleash creativity amidst external pressure

Episode #1 - Part 2

The two-part first session concludes with “The ‘new normal’”, which provides tips for embracing creativity. 

Episode 2

In the second session, Professor Muhdi explores the idea that knowledge overwhelms curiosity

Episode 3

The third session investigates how to identify and overcome barriers to decision-making. 

4 Insights into Leading in and through a Crisis video mini-series with Professor Jean-François Manzoni
An overview

The first video explores the importance of the leadership team and what you must do to ensure that the whole team, and not just you as its leader, is operating at its best.

Insight #1
In this video, Professor Manzoni applies his experience during the current coronavirus crisis to his research experience, talking on the topic of the importance of the leadership team. 
Insight #2

Using IMD’s response to the crisis as an example, Professor Manzoni highlights the two fundamental objectives of leaders’ communication during a crisis.

Insight #3 - PART I

In this third and penultimate insight on crisis leadership, Professor Manzoni explores ways to balance short- and long-term concerns.

Insight #3 - PART II

In part two of this third insight, Professor Manzoni finishes exploring ways to balance short- and long-term concerns.

insight #4 - PART I

The role of leader is never as important nor as challenging as during a crisis. This means leaders must maintain themselves at peak performance through the crisis. Step one of doing so is to mind their physiology and the tripod of nutrition, exercise and sleep.

insight #4 -PART II

Leaders taking on the tall task of managing during a crisis must manage their emotions and help their teams to manage theirs as well. In the final video of this mini-series, Professor Manzoni discusses three powerful practices that can help managers on this front.

The future of business and COVID-19 with Professor Omar Toulan

This video vignette features IMD Professor of Strategy and International Management Omar Toulan and Scott McDonald, President and CEO of Oliver Wyman, in conversation.

A tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” video mini-series with Professor Stéphane J. G. Girod
Episode 1

In the first of this two-part video series, Professor Girod lays bear some of the inconsistencies and vulnerabilities in society that the crisis has revealed.

Episode 2

In video two, Professor Girod presents six ways to contribute to a more balanced post-COVID world.

How not to be a hostage to COVID-19 video mini-series with Professor George Kohlrieser
Episode 1
Professor Kohlrieser provides practical advice for getting past fear and worry, helping us to retake a position of power
Episode 2

In episode two, Being a Secure Base in times of threat and uncertainty, Professor Kohlrieser explains the concept of Secure Base Leadership.

Episode 3

In episode three, Managing emotions under times of threat, uncertainty and stress, Professor Kohlrieser explains that stress is a part of life.