Come as a team for maximum benefit

TransformTECH is specifically designed to support teams joining from the same company. Your team gets the unique opportunity to work together to identify and develop a strategic opportunity for business transformation using technology. Teams also benefit from special pricing.

  • Develop a strategic business opportunity, build commitment around your shared vision and move to action with your own prototype
  • Develop the innovation skills to nurture further opportunities
  • Identify capability gaps and update skills ranging from technology, innovation and business transformation

Create your team program schedule

There are 2 ways to customize your program:

1 – Choose the most relevant morning session (from the 3 choices) and work as a team to develop a beta-prototype for your business transformation initiative.

2 – Get ahead faster with a dedicated innovation coach who will specifically work with your team to focus on your company’s strategic opportunity. Map the opportunity, innovate around this opportunity based on an understanding of what technology can do and then create both a beta-prototype and strong commitment within the team to be able to execute the necessary business transformation. Additional fees apply for this option.

Use TransformTECH as part of a longer custom learning journey

The program can also form part of a longer journey to develop your business strategy and build specific team capabilities. In addition to an innovation coach during the program, this may include coaching, pre-program work and post-program follow-up.  

IMD has also designed a Digital Business Acceleration Series that can complement TransformTECH to further enable your team to deliver the best digital strategy for your company. Additional fees apply.

Talk with an IMD Program Advisor about the best option for you!

Team pricing offers

  • Special team rate for 3 participants from the same company
  • Reduced fee from the 4th participant on, from the same company
  • Additional fees apply for company-specific team options

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