Harness new technologies for your business transformation

Why TransformTECH

TransformTECH is not another technology conference. You journey through the exciting world of new technologies and innovation in the context of your business - and leave with a pretotype for business transformation.

Understand which technology you need to solve your business challenge

Maybe you could design new products with artificial intelligence (AI)? Deliver new customer experiences using the Internet of Things (IoT)? Or boost efficiency with intelligent robotics? You'll get up to speed on these exponentially improving technologies,  you will learn how to select the most appropriate ones to enable digitization,  assess the impact on your business and how you can harness their power. Using an innovation methodology, you'll move from identifying a business challenge which could be solved by technology to creating a beta-prototype which provides the solution. You will follow a step-by-step approach and be inspired by examples from many industries.

The program brings together the innovation and technology expertise of two top schools: IMD business school and EPFL (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), one of the two Swiss federal institutes of technology.

Meet the experts you'll be working with

4 days of hands-on learning



You identify a business transformation challenge/ opportunity to work on during the program with support from IMD.

You get familiar with the latest digital technologies through a designated platform.


Morning sessions

Move from inspiration to prototyping

Choose 1 of these 3 business opportunities to work on with IMD faculty:

Designing new products, services and solutions

Are you dealing with stagnating sales or even serious disruptions in your market? Perhaps you’ve succeeded in partially streamlining your cost structure. You must come up with new ways to grow your business and technology is certain to help, but where should you start? In this session, you will be challenged to design a new customer offering (product, service or solution) that can bring new sources of growth for your business and to imagine ways to test your assumptions in the market.

Delivering new user experiences

Technology provides us with amazing new capabilities, but ultimately, the implementation of a new technology depends upon an audience wanting to buy it, use it and be wowed. In this session, you’ll learn about users to better understand their “pain points”, the benefits they’re seeking and the value they’re willing to allocate. With this insight, you’ll explore how your business–customer interface could be improved through technology.

Developing operational efficiencies

Are you under relentless pressure to make operations more efficient, reduce costs or improve internal services? Technology can improve an organization’s competitiveness by offering people powerful tools to access the right information at the right time, in turn to facilitate their decision-making. But technology goes well beyond supplying information. It can also augment human intelligence to improve the running of your business. 

Afternoon plenaries

Explore exponentially improving technologies

Get the latest from EPFL and other technology experts on:


Nowadays, every organization must think about how to embrace the opportunities offered by the IoT and its underlying smart-connected technologies, as they can apply to different industrial fields. In this session, you’ll cover the three main themes that enable the IoT to be deployed in any business.

Data analytics & artificial intelligence

You’ll discover how modern machine learning and data science are reshaping existing businesses and how they can help you identify new opportunities, too. In this session, fast-forward to the near future, discuss the next wave of artificial-intelligence (AI) systems and anticipate their impact on data-enabled corporations.

Intelligent robotics

In this session, you’ll learn about the trends and technological innovations of these robots being developed in research labs and about the companies interested in them. You’ll explore use cases that are indicative of how intelligent robots are set to revolutionize manufacturing, service, and health businesses.

The future of the technology-aided workplace

During this session you will take a journey into the workplace of tomorrow.

Afternoon sessions

Develop your technology-enabled business case

Create and refine your beta-prototype through experiential learning:

  • Get first-hand exposure to new technologies with a visit to EPFL labs
  • Exchange with start-ups from EPFL that have applied AI, IoT and robotics to different business areas
  • Develop a beta-prototype with feedback from business, innovation and technology experts. Come as a team to develop a beta-protoype for your specific business opportunity.

By the end of the program you will be ready to test your technology-enabled business case within your organization.


Continue technology prototyping for your business transformation initiative and get feedback.

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