IMD Open Programs

Drawing deeply on IMD thought leadership and research, our programs build and strengthen the full range of skills you need to become a complete or global leader.
IMD Ranking 2021
Orchestrating Winning Performance
Reset for sustainable and inclusive growth
IMD's signature program, OWP, brings you the latest business trends, thought leadership and insights to revitalize your business, drive innovation and lead you forward. Fully customizable schedule. For executives and…
High Performance Leadership
Listen. Influence. Impact.
Challenges experienced leaders to improve their effectiveness in leading individuals and teams for superior sustained performance.
Leading Digital Business Transformation
Digital innovations to transform your business
For business leaders and senior managers who want to develop a strategic roadmap for digital business transformation in their organizations.
Digital Transformation Foundations
Your strategic roadmap for digital transformation
Learn the what and the how of digital business transformation, exploring topics such as platform business models, digital marketing, business analytics, and more.
Transformational Leader
Unlock your full leadership potential
The Transformational Leader program is a personalized transformation journey which unlocks the full potential of your leadership in three stages: mindful, resilient and adaptive.
Leading Sustainable Business Transformation
Build your smart roadmap for a sustainable business future
This program provides you with a complete business transformation journey through the lens of sustainability.
Digital Transformation Programs
Build your digital journey @IMD
IMD offers today a wide range of programs to help you seize the opportunities of the new digital environment. And we will be launching more in the near future! See all options available to you.
Board Practice Series
Develop a forward-thinking mindset
The Board Practice Series are short and in-depth thematic programs that deep dive on specific themes related to boards and board members.
Global Management Foundations
Redesign your future for the new normal
Global Management Foundations (GMF) 20-week journey is a powerful, new virtual learning experience, which rapidly prepares you to step up to general management.