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Leadership Essentials (EL)

Jumpstart your journey to top leadership

Are you looking toward the next leadership role in your organization? What essential competencies and capabilities do you need to build?

Leadership Essentials is designed to help you unleash your leadership potential and manage a high-performing team.

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Inspirational Leadership (IL)

Maximize your leadership potential

How often do you take the time to reflect on your leadership style, your vision, and the impact you can make on your team and organization?

Inspirational Leadership provides you with an opportunity to expand your leadership skills and enrich the way you mobilize others.

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Leadership Skills for the Digital Age (LSDA)

Lead at your best in a globally connected, ever-changing world

How does digital impact the way you, and your team, work? What leadership competencies and skills will help you thrive in an era of constant change and disruption? 

Leadership Skills for the Digital Age is a high-impact online program that will help you to lead at your best in a globally connected, ever-changing world.

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Changing Employee Behaviour (CEB)

Drive and improve performance in your team

As a manager in a start-up or established business, you play a pivotal role in developing staff and improving their performance. Your goal is to embed and sustain a culture of excellence in your organization through a better understanding of employee motivation.

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Crisis Management (CM)

Anticipating turbulence, leading in uncertainty, restoring confidence

If the global COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that none of us can predict what lies ahead. What we can foresee, however, is that as a business leader and executive, you will likely face other crises in the future. What are the lessons you can learn from previous crises? How do you prepare for a better response to future critical events? 

This program equips you with applicable insights and practical skills for navigating critical moments – before, during and after a crisis strikes.

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Business Growth Strategies (BGS)

Create long-term growth by reinventing your business

Struggling to expand, innovate and stay successful in the face of competition? 

In this growth strategy online course, you will acquire a thorough understanding of the technological forces driving corporate innovation and valuable insights on how to adapt to today’s global market realities.

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Complex Problem Solving (CPS)

Leverage analogical thinking to approach unfamiliar problems

Do you need to understand the essential elements of effective problem-solving? Do you want to improve your decision-making skills and brainstorm new strategies for solving complex problems?

This online course gives you a clear process and versatile tools to solve complex problems, both professional and personal.

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Strategic Thinking (ST)

Develop an effective strategy for your unit or organization

Strategic Thinking gives you the tools to undertake a thorough strategic analysis. The program is unique in the range of strategic alternatives you will be exposed to performance moves, generic business models, and strategic innovation perspectives. You also will identify capability and resource gaps that have to be closed. 

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Strategy Execution (SE)

Lead your strategic initiative to successful implementation

Strategy Execution provides the results-oriented insights into what it takes to implement major change effectively.

You will learn how to build a compelling vision, enabling you to sell a program internally. You will discover how to identify the right team members, pick the best ideas and allocate time and other resources to help them achieve your initiative.

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Strategic Partnership (SP)

Build the right partnerships for your business

Whether already involved in a strategic alliance or weighing up future options, you need the skills to build better partnerships to support your overall business strategy.

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Digital Disruption (DD)

Competing in the digital vortex

Disruptive digital technology is reshaping almost every industry, and you already understand the urgency for transformation.

This digital business online course helps you formulate a successful, innovative strategy for what to do next.

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Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age (MSDA)

Recreating customer value through digital

In a world of increased digitization and rapidly evolving consumer behaviour, few business functions have been as profoundly disrupted as marketing. Beyond tactical adjustments, what are the broader strategic implications of digital on marketing? How do you seize the opportunities arising from digital to rethink your marketing strategy and change the competitive game?

This online program offers a strategic view on how to rethink marketing and value creation through the lens of digital. 

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Leadership Skills in the Digital Age (LSDA)

Leading at your best in the digital age

How does digital impact the way you, and your team, work? What leadership competencies and skills will help you thrive in an era of constant change and disruption? 

Leadership Skills for the Digital Age is a high-impact online program that will help you to lead at your best in a globally connected, ever-changing world.

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Business Analytics for Leaders (BAL)

Master digital analytics to drive innovation 

There is very little in an organization today that is untouched by data analytics, no matter what industry you are in.  

Business Analytics for Leaders will give you a strategic, high-level understanding of big data and digital analytics plus practical tools you can use. You will also have a brief introduction to the application of Artificial Intelligence which you may apply to your own business context.

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Internet of Things for Business (IoT)

Create strategic offerings that answer your customer needs

Are you looking to drive new technology opportunities in your company? Are you wondering how IoT is implemented? Then this Internet of Things course is for you.

You will become familiar with the IoT fundamentals by gaining an understanding of the Internet of Things strategies and the practical aspects of taking an IoT solution from ideation to adoption.

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Disruptive Innovation (DI)

Grow your business through innovation

You want to drive innovation more effectively in your organization, moving beyond standard business models to learn lessons from successful innovators. Disruptive Innovation equips you with the skills to think more creatively and apply your ideas more effectively.

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Lean Intrapreneurship (LI)

Leverage entrepreneurial thinking & acting to ensure long-term competitiveness  

This program enables organizations to maintain a competitive edge, increasing agility and strengthening innovation potential. Teams going through this program will understand the disruptive forces and trends that affect their industry and discover new opportunities for their organization.

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Business Finance (BF)

Develop confidence in analysis and managerial finance

Already a successful manager, your main goal is to improve your financial knowledge to make better business decisions. You realize a deeper knowledge of finance and accounting offers you the edge over others in your industry.

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Marketing Management (MM)

Value-based approach

In this demanding business environment, you want to seize the opportunity to develop better customer insights to beat your competitors. Marketing Management takes an integrated business perspective suited to any industry, placing your marketing role alongside strategy and finance at the heart of a business.

You will learn to co-create value with your customers, then capture and communicate that value innovatively. 

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Winning Sustainability Strategies (WSS)

Embed sustainability into the core of your business 

Are you looking at transforming your organization towards a more sustainable business model? How do you develop a clear business case for your approach to sustainability?

Winning Sustainability Strategies is designed to help you integrate sustainability in your strategy so you can maintain your competitive edge.

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Custom Programs 

Are you looking to develop the individual capabilities of your people in areas critical to growth?

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